Sunday , October 2 2022

Mass robbery on a bus on the Bogota-Kota-Bogota road


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An assault on the bus passengers was recorded on videoGunmen attacked an intercity bus on the Bogota-Kota road.

An assault on the bus passengers was recorded on video

Within seconds, armed people intimidated the tenants and took their belongings.

Great fear lived the occupants of a An intercity bus that turned from Bogota to the neighboring municipality of Kota in Kundinmarca, when two armed men were executed Massive assault, Recorded on video.

The incident occurred around 9:05 p.m. this coming Thursday. In photos taken by car security cameras, it is estimated when Criminals They get in the car and immediately frighten the driver with what appears to be a weapon, then turn around where the terrified passengers are.

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One of the thieves, who remains at the door, attacks a man sitting in the front with his gun while the other subject is holding knife, Walks through each of the stalls and steals cell phones and other personal items from other people who watch helplessly as they take their belongings.

Finally, and in less than a minute, the criminals finish carrying out the attack, they get off the scene bus With the loot and disappear into the darkness of the night.

(This may interest you: in less than a minute a woman was run over by a motorcycle and a taxi)

* With information from Citynoticias

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