Saturday , October 23 2021

Prevention of World Diabetes Day


Minister of Health and Sugosmo Health has promoted a day of awareness about the risks of this disease and how it can be prevented.

To avoid it

A total of 100 people participated in the awareness point organized in Plaça Seis de Septiembre, there are adults and young people like Carol Medina, took ten minutes to analyze glucose. "My uncles have diabetes, and my family tends to get the disease.

That's why they rule, "said the young woman.

The data

According to the Ministry of Health, Colombia has 2.2 million people with some type of diabetes, what concern is that there may be another million who have not been diagnosed, in addition, young people and children suffer at a larger number each time.

In Sogamoso data per treatment each patient can reach $ 13 million IPS, also this disease represents for the native of the solar country the second cause of morbidity, in total there will be more than 4,500 people with diabetes type one capital of the district of Sugamuxi.

For the time being, the municipality's main welfare centers will be extended.

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