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Profile of the new coach of Millonarios, Jorge Luis Pinto – Colombian Football – Sport

Jorge Luis Pinto lived, lived and lived football. The new coach of Millonarios returns to the team that gave him the first option to lead professional football when he took over the club in Bogota in 1984, 34 years ago.

"When I was in my sixth year of high school, my classmates studied chemistry, physics and mathematics, and I already read football books, and I said," When I'm older I go to millionaires, "he said thousands of times.

He was born in San Gil (Santander), on December 16, 1952. He is the second of eight brothers, four ladies, and he always walked on his head, without taboo and with a strong temperament.

"Tzedek was born in my home, in the final exam, before school, the girls in the school, Among those who were then my girlfriend, they took the answers to the Rector, but my father, who was president of the Parents Association, told me, 'You get me home with this diploma full of traps and I break it inside,' "he once wrote on his official website.

Jorge Luis Pinto finished high school at the Guarantá School in San Gil. He studied physical education at the Pedagogical University of Bogotá and dreamed of leading a team, millionaires.

Learn in Brazil, specialized in Sportiva de Futeboll in Sao Paulo And, in addition,
He was awarded a scholarship to Cologne (Germany).

He never played professional football and his desire to be a technician was the same. Pinto says that while Gabriel Ocho and Uribe directs Milos, he was posted to the gallery, but behind the doctor, listening to the instructions gave the actors.
In 1979 he was a physical coach of the national Colombia national team, which was directed by Blagoje Vinidic and in 1981 he was assistant to Brazilian Jose Texeira in Millonarios, a club he came to the bench in 1984.

Pinto and the Cucuta

Jorge Luis Pinto celebrates the title with Cúcuta Deportivo.


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The Carlos Orientus & Puebla Valderma, Alonso Lopez, Pedro Vivalda, Silvano Espendiola, Juan Gilberto Pons, Daniel and Ventoin, but could not get a champion.

Then he ran Santa Fe, Cali and the Magdalene Society, but he got no title, he needed, he needed it.

He celebrated her outside the country, Peru, with Elianza Lima (1997-1998)
The intimate team of victory, as it is also known. 18 years after the tragic plane crash, the coaching team and the players of Alianza lost their lives, Pinto returned to the most important club champion in Peru, which his fans remember today.

Pinto was only a champion in a Colombian club on one occasion. It was on December 14, 2006 in Ibarago, when he gave the first star to Cucuta Deportivo, an unforgettable and unforgettable night.

The victim of some players on the Columbia shirt is not the best

Another of his longings was to direct the Colombian national team and he did so. Jorge Luis Pinto was appointed coach of Colombia for the World Cup in South Africa 2010, but after reaching only 10 points out of 27 possible he was removed from the post after 21 months of work and as always he said strong things, like his temperament

Pinto and the Colombian national team

He led the Israeli team in South Africa 2010.


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"I challenge every player of the national Colombia national team to publicly declare if at any time I respect him," Pinto said on this occasion.

Santandereano coach directed to Nacional de Ecuador, twice awarded titles with the Táchira Deportivo of Venezuela and in 2011 he was hired by Jérnès of Barranquilla. Shortly thereafter, he left that he was placed as the DT of the national team of Costa Rica, a country where he obtained the title of the local lease with Alajuelense.

Orientation the "Ticos" in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and reached the last 16, passing over Italy and Uruguay, Chosen with much more tradition in football and the Earth and that has been the champions of the world.

In 2104, Jorge Luis Pinto was appointed coach of Honduras, a national team where he lost the bra and failed to manage his World Cup II.


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