Wednesday , September 28 2022

Senator Angelica Luzano seeks the resignation of Nestor Humberto Martinez


Colperance the fungus

After the new chapter linking prosecutor Nestor Humberto Martinez to the Udebrecht scandal, the senator of the Green Alliance, Angelica Luzano, asked the clerk to resign.

"The country deserves a solid and transparent leadership of the judicial system in the face of the crisis of punishment, corruption and injustice in our country," said the senator.

Lozano also asked that the lawyer Fernando Carrillo, in the uses of his faculties, take the decision to suspend the plaintiff so that the probability and defense process that in Colombia is progressed against the Brazilian firm Odebrecht on crimes related to corruption guaranteed. .

The senator also asked President Ivan Duki to ask the United Nations for an international, independent and just-like mission in Guatemala to investigate corruption in the country.

The prosecutor has returned to be in the middle of a dispute over the case of Odebrecht after filtering out some audios that would show that he knew about the alleged bribe that this Brazilian company pays state representatives to win hirings.

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