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More & more services using cable & amp; And traditional content slows down

The audiovisual content market has changed in recent years, with the gradual decline in the rate of engagement of paid television services and the distribution of traditional cable content. This led to the consolidation of streaming platforms that until recently were not so strong in the country and now represent millionaire income and penetration rates important nationally and internationally.

For Mexican music lovers, the preferred subscription services are Spotify and Apple Music, although they also have an important presence on Google Play Music, which includes YouTube music and Klaro music. The previous proposal, since last week, Amazon Music, which offers 50 million songs, has been added.

While most of the above services offer free music methods, such as radio with advertisements (without the option to select specific songs or download for off-line use), the possession of streaming music services are premium subscriptions, which removes these restrictions and even programs for students at reduced prices.

Spotify and Apple Music offer three similar programs at a price and feature. For students, 50 pesos a month; Individual accounts are 100 pesos per month; Family plans, with up to six personal accounts, one for each member of the family, cost 150 pesos per month.

Google Play Music does not have student accounts, so it only offers subscriptions: Single, for 100 pesos per month and selling for 150 pesos, also provides access to music on YouTube.

Claro Música offers personal friendships for 100 pesos per month, but also sells downloadable songs at individual prices per package, a strategy similar to that of Apple's iTunes Store. Memberships offer the ability to listen to music online, with downloading individual songs or playlists.

For its part, Amazon Music comes in two forms: Amazon Music First (included the Amazon Head Service with a catalog of two million songs) and Amazon Unlimited Music that costs 99 pesos per month and offers 50 million songs.

All of these services have applications for mobile phones and tablets, but can also be accessed from smart TVs, computers, or speakers connected to Wi-Fi.

While catalogs are not the same in all countries (or even among different services in that country), it is rare to find users with multiple subscriptions to these streaming audio platforms.

In addition, to gain more subscribers, the services seek to offer more and more exclusive content. Therefore, with the clear intention of separating itself from competition, Spotify recently began offering worldwide access to podcasts (radio programs with diverse themes), even to create exclusive content (like video streaming platforms do from years ago). Apple, which for years has been the queen in the distribution of podcasts, has not yet taken this option.

Video anywhere

Previously, distributors of image transmission dominated the country were cable TV (pay) and open TV, however, the growth of Internet broadband availability in our country has changed the habits of video consumption.

This has led to the fact that in Mexico, on-demand video services (subscription to SVOD for initials in English), such as Netflix, have accelerated customer growth, to the point that more than $ 220 million will be created. Dollars up to 2025. At the same time, it is expected that at least 30% of Mexican households are consuming this type of service.

In 2017 CIU consultant reported growth of 25.6% over the previous year. Since then, their preferences have not been restrained compared to pay TV, in part because of the growing original productions that users can access from virtually anywhere and device.

The growth of this market means that today we not only find products like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but also the traditional audio-visual content generators (such as Televisa, for example) join the offer, even with Internet access providers.

Although Netflix in the third quarter of 2018, the total customer base of $ 137 million worldwide, is Titan's sector, reaching the national market of global offerings such as Amazon Video Head, HBO Go or YouTube Premium, in addition to other local content offerings such as Claro Video By Telcel and Telmex operators) or by Blim, from Televisa, the proposal is constantly renewed, with the exclusive content of one platform or another, making the user want to subscribe to more than one service.

Therefore, beyond the technical advantages and wherever mentioned, SVOD vendors use original and exclusive content to attract new customers. For example, only in Netflix can you see the Louis Miguel series. And if you want to know what happened to Karate Kid 30 years later, you'll have to hire YouTube Premium. So, on the average pay TV package, which now ranges from 300 to 500 pesos per month, you would have to add Amazon Video Head (100 pesos per month), the regular version of Netflix (150 per month) and Fox Premium (175 per month) Add video to Claro (free, if you already have Telmex or Telcel client).

Other video streaming options include Blim services, for 110 pesos per month, or Cinppolis Klic and Apple iTunes, which charge for individual content, not monthly membership. YouTube Premium costs 120 pesos a month, but also includes YouTube Music.

All this content requires an Internet connection and can be viewed not only on connected TV, but also on computers, smartphones, tablets and even video game consoles.

However, it should be said that most SVOD platforms limit their catalog to the series and movies, so if you are looking for special events or sports, you still need to turn to pay TV (cable or satellite).

Can you live without an open TV or a fee?

If you are thinking of stopping paying for cable TV to consume only internet content, you will need to learn to find both local content and special events on special websites or on the TV's applications. You should also learn to combine some services so as not to feel that you are missing something important.

While there are more and more platforms that offer sports programs, for example, Twitter with some baseball league games of the Mexican League League, or NFL games on Amazon Video Head, you inevitably find that, although they are available, they are almost never free

In the end, the taste and needs of each person will define what types of entertainment services will be used. It is a fact that the supply is increasing, however, the expenses also increased. For example, if someone wants to cut all, or most of the services described above, their monthly expenses will be about two thousand pesos.




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