Saturday , March 6 2021

Shalom’s daughter is asking for donations to purchase an Acmo console at Santander

Anguish and waiting for a miracle are the relatives of Judge Santander Henry Octavio Moreno Ortiz, who has been in intensive care at Columbia International Hospital, HIC, since January 6 last year because of the coronavirus virus.

His daughter, Paula Moreno, an actress from Santander, used her social media to post her father’s health and ask for help rescuing him.

According to her story, Moreno Ortiz is 66 years old and suffers from comorbidities like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and hypothyroidism. Due to their difficult health condition, they urgently need treatment for extracellular membrane oxidation, known as Ecmo.

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This procedure was not possible because neither the department nor the country have consoles for this treatment. So they made the decision to ask for financial donations and buy a new computer.

“Its evolution is not what doctors expected. We need you to perform the procedure before more days pass, because your lungs need improvement soon. It was impossible to find an Ecmo console, everyone is busy. The only option we have is to get a new console,” the actress said in a released video. On her Instagram account.

38 families are waiting

Leonardo Salazar, director of the FCV’s Ecmo and Heart Program, explained that as in Judge Santander’s case, there are 37 more patients waiting for the same treatment to save their lives.

“This treatment is very limited in Colombia, there are very few trained groups in the country and the need for patients who require it is crucial. Just yesterday I had 38 patients waiting for the release of the Ecmo console. said.

In addition, he noted that the Cardiovascular Institute, the only medical center in Santander where Acmo is operated on, has a human staff set up to reach 16 to 18 patients, but only the option to admit 15 to treatment.

For this reason, the Peace Family made the decision to purchase a console. To achieve this, they have set up three savings accounts in which stakeholders can donate funds.

“It occurs to me that we can make a massive contribution so that the clinic can buy the console and they can do the treatment not only for my dad but also for all the patients who need echo. I invite you to do an act of solidarity, put yourself in the shoes of patients who need this treatment “And together we can donate this console. Every day that passes is another day of waiting and one day less to be able to help him,” said Paula Moreno.

If you would like to join this cause you can donate to any of the following accounts:

BBVA Savings Account 880006010 named after Paula Andrea Moreno Espinal.

Davivienda 002670070750 Savings Account named after Paula Andrea Moreno Espinal.

The bank account of Bancolombia 07866771841 is named after Henry Anders Moreno Espinal, or if you are out of the country you can donate via PayPal at this link.

According to Dr. Salazar, one in four patients comes out well from Acme in the first or second week. Most of them take three to four weeks to recover.

Currently, there are 77,102 approved cases of Covid-19 in Santander, of which 7,202 remain active and 194 are in intensive care.

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