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South America 2018: Check out the full list of candidates for the Grammy Awards here in Latin Lights music


With a total of eight nominations, a Colombian regegeton player Ballywyn Will reach a favorite of the 19th Gala of the Persians Grammy Latin – also known as Grammy Latin.

The interpreter of "Mi gente" and "Ginza" followed by the Spanish artist Rosalia, With five nominations, while David Aguilar, Jorge Drexler, Kenny Garcia, Natalia Lafourcade and producers Maurizio Rengifo and Andres Torres won four candidates each.

The main trophy, that of the album of the year, will compete "Prometo", by Pablo Alborn; "Vibras", by J Balvin; "Caravanas", by Chico Buarque; "Ice Rescues," by Jorge Drexler; "El siguiente", by David Aguilar; And "Su Yu", by Kani García.

In this category of Latin Grammy They will also compete in "Musa (A Tribute to Folklore of Latin America by Los Makorinos, Vol. II)", by Natalia Leporcade; "Mexico Forever", by Louis Miguel; "Ancanto Tropical" by Monsieur Perina; And "when the river sounds", from Rozalén.

All these are candidates Grammy Latin Main Categories:

Recording of the Year:
It would not be-Pablo Alborn
E Fake (Homem Barato) – Anaadi
My people – a balloon with Willy William
International – stereo pump
Telephony – Jorge Drexler
Forever – Kani Garcia
X-Nicky & J & amp; Balvin
Dance of gardeners – Natalia Lafourcade with Los Macorinos
Dancing with you – Monsieur Fryna

Album of the Year
I promise – Pablo Alborn
Vibras-J Balvin
Caravans – Chico Bawark
The ice rescuer-Jorge Drexler
Next – David Aguilar
It's me-Kani Garcia
Musa (A tribute to Latin American folklore in the hands of Corinthians) Volume II -2 Natalia Lafourcade
Mexico Forever – Louis Miguel
Tropical Magic – Monsieur Freina
When the river sounded – Rosalen

Song of the Year – Composer Prize (s)
In front of you – Mano Lille and Moon Laparte, composers (Mon Laferte)
Dance You – Messier Freina, Composer (Monsieur Freina)
Garden Dances – David Agilor Durntas and Natalia Laforkade, composers (Natalia Laforkade with Los Macorinos)
Embrojo – David Aguilar, Composer (David Aguilar)
The Purple Door – Rozalén, Rozalén
Re – Anton Alvarez Alfaro, Pablo Diaz-Rijeka and Rosalia, composers (Rosalia)
Forever – Kani García, Composer (Kany García)
Robert Rousse Besso – Mauricio Rangifu, Andres Torres, Carlos Vives and Sebastian Yatra, composers (Carlos Vives and Sebastian Yatra)
Telephony – Jorge Drexler, Composer (Jorge Drexler)
Your Life My Life – Phyto Paz, Composer (Phyto Paz)

Best New Artist
Angel La Aguilar
David Aguilar
Alex Pereira
Carol Z.
The Petitfellas
Nana Mendoza
Christian Nudel
Claudia Priato
Benjamin Walker

The contemporary pop album is contemporary
Sir – Axel
Fire and freedom – Pablo Lopez
Body and Soul – Beatrice Luango
F.A.M.E. Melome
Unnamed: Looks like – Nana Mendoza

Better Fusion / Urban Commentary
My people – Balloon J with Willie William along with Beyonce
International – stereo pump
Hugh Contra Tee – Yankee Father with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra
Sura Karra-Meigher and Lazar along with Anita and Pablo Vitar
Bad – Rosalía

Best Alternative Music Album
Klarascura – Velvet
Power of Arra – Talmari
The same site, another place – and Tosta Morela
Aztlan – Zoé

The Best Mexican Regional Song – Composer Prize (s)
Arranquense Muchachos – Domingo accompanied by Delgado, composer (Pedro Fernandez)
Help Me Forget You – Gabriel Flores and Joel Henrykz, Composers (La Explosiva Banda De Maza)
Corrido de Juanito – Adon Monoz, Composer (Caliber 50)
The American Dream – Salvador Hortado, Composer (Northern Energy)
Probably Christian Nudel, composer (Christian Nudel)

Best Brazilian Music Popular
Mano Que Zuera – João Bosco
Caravans – Chico Bark
Edo, Dori A. Marcus – Edo Lobo, Dori Kimy and Marcus and Ella
Newtrace Campus – Vitor Ramil
Dus Anna Mueller – Elsa Suarez

The most popular pop album
Prometheus – Pablo Elborn
Just the good times – Mojito Lite
Top naked love – Carla Morrison
Feel yourself – Laura Pausini
Simcha – Nahum Panisi

Best Urban Music Album
Vibras – J Balvin
Fearless – ChocQuibTown
Seaside –
Odyssey – Ozona

The best urban song
City Center – Anita, J Belvin, Justin Cowiles and Alejandro Ramirez
Dora – Abba Yanki, Urban Motta Sedinho, Juan Rivera Vasquez and Luis Jorge Romero
My bed – Renee David Kano, Andy Clay, Carol G, Antonio Rio and Omar Sabino
Sensuality – Belvin, Bud Bunny, Juan M & Luigi Malave, Prince Royce, Edgar Semper and Xavier Semper
X – J. Balvin, Nicky G. Mother and Juan Diego Medina Velez

Best rock album
Expectations – Bonbury
F-A-C-I-L – Richard Coleman
Synthesis O'Connor – he killed a motorized cop
Now you know everything – Los Pixel
Alarm sound – NoTeVaGustar

Best Pop / Rock Album
The meeting – Bambi
Cosmovisions – Commissioner Pantera
Good blood-she's so cargosa
The geometry of lightning – Manolo García
Pensacola Radio – Lucas and Woods

The Best Rock Song
Now I imagine things – Santiago Motzado
Future Days – Richard Coleman
The Right Approach – Enrique Bonbury
The conversation – Leiba
Your Life My Life – Phyto

Best Salsa Album
Cantor of the village – Alexander Abreu and Havana D Primera
My father – Charlie Apponeta
The creators of the sound – Chiquito band staff
25/7 – Victor Manuela
Corner of the dancers – Pete Perignon

The best album of singers – writers
Rescue Ice – Jorge Drexler
Next – David Aguilar
Unnamed: It's me – Kany García
Composers – Claudia Prieto
Rachel Sophia

The full list is available on GRMM LATINO 2018.

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