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Spain finished 2018 sad with a spark of hope in the new generation


The team has closed the international year with a 1-0 win over Bosnia in a friendly match that coach Luis Enrique has used to carry out future tests and take another step in the renewal of the national team.

The result: a team without much clarity and still struggling to find the door, but saw multiple premiers at the height of the national team, one with a goal, and the debut as Isco's "captain".

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The Spaniard carried the badge before the absence in the court of Sergio Ramos, who left the concentration from injury, and the "rest" of Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba.

Isco, with only 35 international games, was the oldest team that Luis Enrique was sent to Gran Canaria's court to deal with the Balkan side, with up to nine changes compared to that that fell on Thursday against Croatia by 3-2. He signed a sentence and began to settle as a "box."

Of the eleven men who started the game, only three of them started at least one of the four official games under their first management, Ginny, Danny Svalus and Isco. Of these, only two marangets are described as base players in their program.

The rest of the crew was made up of permanent substitutes and debotant Mario Hermoso who was probably the best picture left.

Kepa scored the goal in the 75th minute after goalkeeper Paul Lopez became third in the night (Espanyol's second). A few minutes earlier, Bryce Mendez, the top scorer of the night, had reached the number one spot in the world after replacing Suzu.

For protection, Luis Enrique used an unprecedented line, with Diego Llorente and Mario Hermoso as a central pair, wrapped in bands by Gayà and Gennoni, who had to leave by striking his knee to leave his place in Azpilicueta.

Despite being forced by injury, he gave up with Captain Sergio Ramos in the center for the first time after five games leading the national team.

Behind me was no disappointment. In fact, showed improvement on the work of the last two months for the first time since the 6-0 defeat by Croatia last September, Spain managed to leave the door to zero.

The work of actor Atletico de Madrid Rodrigo Hernandez, playing the role of the Busquets on the grounds, while Danny Ceballos and Marco Ascencio was in charge of the work.

Spain's problem came in the attack, where the lack of guarantees of 9 & More and more evident. Luis Enrique was looking for a solution to the problems of his effectiveness in Trident created by his horse, Morta and the new captain, but they could not find the way to the Bosnian door despite the facilities provided by Robert Prosinetsky team.

Leslie's performance was particularly erratic, missed some opportunities on goal, including one from the goal line and an empty door.

The good news for Luis Enrique is that he has found alternative men – Fornals or 21 year old Celta player Brais Méndez – medium term solutions start thinking about qualifying for the European Championship of 2020 and forgetting about the dark 2018.

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