Saturday , March 6 2021

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Did you get a message with this ad? is it true? The widget of telegram Was on the rise and created millions of downloads around the world afterwards WhatsApp Will publish its new policy for 2021. The main reason is that most of them do not want to accept the conditions that Facebook imposes on them to continue using their application.

as per WhatsApp You can only use its platform if you want to share your personal information, as well as your mobile phone number, with Facebook to improve its corporate advertising system.

This fact forced that in early 2021 thousands downloaded the app developed by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Dubrov. However, a strong rumor is spreading whether Mark Zuckerberg bought or not telegram.

This message is spreading fast not only by WhatsAppBut by the British-American app. Now that everyone wants to run away from Facebook, that would be right? What will happen to our new conversations? Shall we turn to the signal?

Telegram officially announced its launch on August 14, 2013. (Photo: Telegram)
Telegram officially announced its launch on August 14, 2013. (Photo: Telegram)


The first thing we need to tell you is that this is completely false. telegram It has not been bought by any company and continues to work with its servers, without having any connection to WhatsApp. Also, there is no statement in it Nor his Official Internet.

Tensions of this kind spread quickly in messaging apps as in the message they mention that you need to forward the text to several people so that their conversations are not in danger.

WhatsApp may have lost a large number of users, but many love to use telegram Not because they feel safe talking to another person, but also because they can get new functions that have not yet been found in the Facebook app.

Recall that Telegram used its social network to mock WhatsApp and encourage a number of users to switch to its messaging platform.

So do not pay attention to the information that appears on social networks and rest assured that Telegram has not been sold.

Telegram is currently unable to get its app beta on smartphones and Android like WhatsApp. So it is possible, in light of its rising popularity, that it is coming and any user can subscribe. Will you join?

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