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The singer Lucio Gattika died in Mexico – music and books – culture

Let me, do not tell me, I sell black eyes, wait for me in heaven, and get used to it. Eli & # 39; And with you remotely & # 39; These are just some of the songs played by Lucho Gatica in his long career, which began in 1941.

Gattika died Tuesday in Mexico, the country where he lived for 50 years. The musician and actor, 90 years old, suffered from diabetes, and for several years exhibited cognitive decline It made him lose his memory, according to some media reports.

The musician was born in Rangagua (Chile) on August 11, 1928, as Luis Enrique Gattica. From a large family, at the age of 5 he lost his father, and he and his brothers had many difficulties.

Arturo, his older brother, began his career in music and created a duo he paid. In 1949 they recorded their first album, which included four songs: El Martírio, Tu Coo and Ace Endo Flores, La Farida, And Tillin Toulon.

Humberto Gattica, the nephew of the singer who commemorated many of the most famous Bolarus in Latin America, defined him "One of the most significant legends in our country, his music leaves us memories for life. Last time, Uncle Luc's body was fine, but his mind went out, "he said on the radio.

In 1957, with his career on the rise, after a tour in Venezuela, Lucho Gatica moved permanently to Mexico. Where he became quickly involved in the music and game market.

His fame even reached the United States and in 1959 he was invited by the MGM Company for several visits with personalities of the show of the moment, The list included Robbie Elvis Presley and musician Nat King Cole, among others.

In Mexico he married Puerto Rican actress Maria del Filler Mercado, who lives in the same country. The marriage lasted 18 years and they had five children, among them Luis Antonio, singer and actor, and Alfredo, the musical producer. In later marriage he had three more daughters.

In the early 1990s, Lucita and Gatika began to experience problems with his voice, which significantly reduced his recordings. Thus, only leave 13 productions.

Anyway, at this point His name was already written in the Latin song of Latin America because his career was honored even by the late Juan Gabriel at the Vienna del Mar Festival in 1996, Where Gatika swore. Divo of Mexico interprets in his honor I sell some black eyes. Anda and I saw you.

His last album was recorded in 2013 and is entitled 'Historically de amor'. On this occasion, in an interview with Efe, he said: "I am not afraid of death, I am very happy."

In his hometown three days of mourning were determined for his death And there, recently, they presented a statue in which Gattika and her brother appear, the two great singers of the place.

"Good trip! I love you …", published his son Lucho Gatica on social networks to announce the death of this great love music.

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