Monday , October 3 2022

The woman was suffocated and burned by her partner in Manizales


The department authorities of Caldes are investigating a new case of female murder. It's about a 29-year-old woman who was killed this weekend at Las Palmas, within the jurisdiction of the city of Manizales.

According to the first information, the attacker was identified as Dissident Pineda Castellanos, 32, who apparently strangled his own Couple Natalia Escudero Then he lit it.

On the other hand, The secretary of the Manizales government, Jean Aber Zmora, explained that this case apparently stemmed from problems of desire, Sending a message of condolences to relatives.

The regional authorities are investigating the real reasons for the murder, because according to the versions of neighbors and relatives, The offender and the girl had disagreements many months ago.

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After the police learned of the incident, An operation was opened in which an attacker was captured an hour later.

Zmora recalled that the last case of female murder in Manizales is that of the man who Murdered his sister, attacked her with a knife 40 times.

It should be mentioned that in the same incident that took place in the Cyprus neighborhood, the woman identified herself María Manuela Giraldo Montes, He died after several injuries During a conversation with your family member.

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The events took place on Monday May 21 at 1:30 pm in the Cyprus neighborhood of Manizales, When according to some neighbors there was an argument in the house.

These people told the RCN that the woman came out of the yard, wrapped in a sheet, to take her on a police patrol to a welfare center in the city.

The operational commander of the Manizales police in Manizales, Col. Jose Arturo Sanchez, confirmed at the time that Maria Manuela's brother had been arrested by the CAI uniform in his home, Still with goddamn hands of aggression And made it available to the competent authority. "

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