Monday , October 25 2021

They discover bugs that allow you to get unlimited games


One of the features offered by Steam developers is to create downloadable codes for their titles to offer publications, visitors and sweepstakes. What no one knew this bug could be exploited to get free codes for each game.

It was discovered by Hacker And security expert Artem Moskovsky. He found this case bug while researching the features of the Steam Web application. Modifying one parameter, Moskowsky was able to skip verifying the ownership of each game. After that I can put the game ID number in another parameter and get some number of codes. At the time of the test, it received 36,000 download codes for Portal 2 Entering numbers at random.

What did he do? Hacker With such valuable information? The right thing is to report the bug immediately to Valve and get a fair reward for it: he received $ 20,000 (more than 63 million Colombian pesos) from the company. $ 15,000 for his discovery and another $ 5,000 for a private matter hearing. This is not the first time Valve has rewarded this man, because this year he has already granted him $ 25,000 more for detecting a SQL injection error at the same portal.

As expected, this bug has been fixed, as Valve reported on the HackerOne site.

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