Sunday , May 22 2022

[Video] Miss Boom boom 2018 ended in the struggle between candidates


Brazilian competition Miss Boom Boom, Focus on Find the woman with the best tail in the country, Was a shameful ending after one of the candidates declared a sudden disagreement with the election of the winner.

At the event, which took place on 5 November in Sao Paulo (Brazil), it was called Allan Santana, Representing the state of Rondonia, as "Miss Boom Boom 2018". In a gesture of emotion and gratitude, the woman came to get her band, who stamped it with the title of the woman with the "best tail" in the country.

However, in the midst of a celebration and applause of its members, Aline Obe, One of the candidates, who like all the rest, dreamed of staying with the title, went to Santana He took her band abruptly and then put it on.

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This freed the shuffle between the two contenders with the band in hands and pulled him from each end, until eventually Elin returned to stay with her and showed him again, while shouting that her opponent was unworthy of the title because "the buttocks worked," while "her beauty was natural."

In light of this, the winner decided to parade by highlighting her tail, while Rosie Oliveira, Miss Boom boom 2017, puts a new band.

According to international media such as Infobae, minutes after the scandal, The organizers of the event managed to calm the smoke Between the participants and everything has returned to normal.

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