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Why did Nestor Umberto Martinez resign?


The denunciation of Noticias Jass Uno freed all the movement now directed at Nestor Humberto Martinez, accused of recognizing and not condemning many acts of corruption.

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Why does the prosecutor resign?

With the disappearance of Jorge Enrique Pisano, who was the supervisor of the Rota del Sol 2 project management, several gaps were revealed that not only did the current Colombian prosecutor know about the bribe and did not condemn them, but to get to his current job, he did not make the right complaint.

In an interview with Caricol Noticias, the prosecutor explains that he as a natural person can not file a complaint of corruption of such magnitude. "Therefore I am promoting the bill that takes place in the Congress of the Republic that the burden of combating corruption is also on individuals.

The audio delivered by Pizano to Noticiero, shows how the prosecutor acted, who at the time served as an attorney of the Aval Group, the owner of the company Corficolombiana and who was the owner of the project.

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The contradiction

In Audius sent to Notias Uno, the central community of Odebrecht provided statements that make the Plaintiff and doubt his credibility as an entity of justice.

Néstor Humberto Martínez insists that Pizano was not sure that what he said was a bribe. When interviewed he repeatedly explained that the contracts that Pizano garden "was not the basis." He insisted that it was never known where the money that had been reported in the leak had gone.

His friendship with Saraminto Angolo

It is no secret that Néstor Humberto Martínez has close friendship with the banker Luis Carlos Saraminto Angulo, the owner of Corficolombiana and who was interested in scandal taking it by low profile. This is something he has always denied.

Asunal asks for his resignation

"The members of the branch are outraged, and more often, especially these days, that there is knowledge of the existence of audio in which Nestor Humberto Martínez and Jorge later Enrique Pizano, discuss the findings, the scenario of corruption and wandering punishment of Odebrecht", Promised the National Association of Officials and Employees of the Judiciary Branch.

His response: "There is a conspiracy to discredit him"

He stressed that there is "an entire activity to discredit the work of the prosecutor's office in recent days (…) looking for evidence, they are looking for all my private life, and they can go on looking for it."

"I have integrity, and therefore I turn to the state, to continue to move with absolute determination in the fight against crime and not allow myself to be limited" He confirmed in an interview.

In this sense, Martinez said that the Colombians must be sure that the prosecutor "does not accept private dialogues on official matters" and "in particular does not deal with the business of the prosecutor's office."

He also said: "My friends, my former employees, my former partners of the work know that I do not accept to be offered loyalty to the Constitution."

"I'm a friend of my friends but I'm not a partner of all and it made me many difficulties because of course, it bothers and down people."

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