Friday , February 26 2021

A sudden deterioration of the pomegranate's condition: he must close it! I'm afraid it's too late, his father says

Pavel Pásek keeps Jiíí Pomej on the water all his life and is ready to iron all his troubles. And he did not shout at him this time, when the player no longer thinks. He crossed the boundaries of his brain. And now Jirka's father, the elders of Fumay, has already entered (76).

"I've been a strong guy all my life, but now he wants me to really cry from my son, "Said Blasco Jiíí Pomeje st., Who came from Ceske Budějovice, where he lived, to Prague to help his Jirka."It is twelve and twelve, if it is not twelve, Says Father Pomeje, who yesterday morning and night burned phones with Pavel Pask and ran hospitals to arrange for Jirka to stay in some appropriate health facility.

The band now decides whether to place him in a psychiatric hospital or a hospital. "It's complicated. If we give it to the Red Court, they will not treat it with a leg that hurts him madly and no one knows what he is. When we put him in orthopedics back to where he put his foot together, he will not survive mentally, he will be abscessing, "Explained Pásek. But with the father of a vegetable, they are determined to cure him, even if dragged him forcibly in a raincoat.

"It really is not like that. He's crazy already. He does not know where he is, what happened yesterday. And it's worse than day by day. He does not talk to him. I'm afraid I'm already in a position where I can call my best friend to call and send it to Bonnie, "Added a desperate belt, which Pomeja saved his life quite a few times.

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