Saturday , April 17 2021

Amendment to the Election Law: The deputies approved the changes

The amendment leaves 14 constituencies, the more successful parties will slightly prefer the distribution of seats. New, coalitions of two groups will have to get at least eight percent of the vote, multiple coalitions 11 percent.

Party coalitions and movements will thus reach the lower house more easily than before. This follows the amendments proposed by Radek Vanderrachek (YES) as a compromise of the Chamber of Deputies, and its approval was also recommended by the Constitutional and Legal Committee.

On the contrary, the committee has previously rejected the proposal of its chairman, Mark Benda (ODS), that the party chairman decide to fill some of the seats after the election. The pirates called it unconstitutional and said it would be a “proposal for the 1990s.” However, Benda refused.

The deputies also did not approve votes in correspondence from abroad, adjustments to the establishment of parliamentary groups, the management of the election campaign and the increase of state contributions to coalitions.

This will be followed by an extraordinary meeting on social issues. On the agenda is the SPD proposal to tighten the payment of benefits in material need and the ODS proposal, according to which people who do not pay fines for selected serious offenses may lose some of the housing supplement and subsistence allowance.

In the introductory round, the deputies should also discuss the CSSD proposal that regulates, for example, long-term nursing and paternity leave.

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