Wednesday , September 28 2022

At the central station they found dead, the sixth weekend in Prague –


The dead man living in the homeless community was found by passers-by in the orchards of Werke around 6:00 am. The police learned the rescue personnel.

"In the initial investigation, foreign cases were stopped, but an autopsy order was issued," police spokesman Andrea Zolova told Novinka.

The policeman approached the dead on Sunday morning, also to General Chezka Street, where a 54-year-old worker was found in the cell. "This is an alien who worked here, and the doctor found no foreign signs of death," added Zevul.

They found dead in a building in Modes.

They found dead in a building in Modes.

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Another policeman went to the next death on Sunday afternoon for Pod Radnice. Two hours later, the police spokesman announced the sixth finding.

"The body is in a significant phase of decomposition and there were no documents, so we do not know the identity yet, it's probably a man, the body was covered with a blanket on the bushes on the hill at Arkadi Congress in Pankrach," Andrea Zoluba told Pravaux. "The cause of death is unknown, and we must wait for the post-mortem findings," the police spokesman said.

Two homeless people found passers-by on Saturday. One is located at Vltavská metro station, and the other under the pendulum in Letná. In other cases, no other cause of death was found. [celá zpráva]

If death has been played the role of cold weather in recent days can not be said yet. "What caused the death of all, the autopsy would be done," added Zevul.

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