Tuesday , May 17 2022

Audi TT will undergo a radical change: it will bring you the door!


Audi TT is with us in year of year for 20 years. During this time, however, the world has changed, the people do not buy so many spores, but I prefer SUVs. This is also the case of European sales of TT, which has slowed down in recent years. The car is about to change the concept of this model.
And it is inspiring in the past that these circuits want to release the myth of 2014 when they introduced the concept of TT Sportback, the compact buy twice. Audi wants to buy such a car, according to the British magazine automatic Now being replaced by TT, the next generation of four, which will be marketed over the next two years.
If you put a drop in demand against growth, it is clear that Audi will not keep its current rate in the middle of the horizon. Nevertheless, there is intense representation of the conversion into a compact sector, Explains fully change the TT idea by name only by characters from Ingolstadt.
Audi Pitom One of the Sportback concepts was filled with it. But then, the dieselgate scandal, the personal qualities of the Volkswagen Group had to reduce deposits and eliminate the unsafe projects. At the same time there was also a T-carrot version of the TT, but now it's a breeze, so the two are compact and buy the scooter again.
The car hopes that TT will be a new idea. Compact screams are slowly falling in European sales. If you were going to TT in 2007, 38,000 units sold in Europe, last year it was only 16,000 samples. The TT is so obvious to see a general decline in a convertible sports coup.
Designed by Audi TT Sportback, the design of the concept of the same name is inspired by the year 2014, but the design details will be customized. T also responding to the engine, the Sportback TT uses new mildhybrids with a 48V deck or unchecked hybrid plug-in. Available bt so electrifying turbodiesels.
The concept of the Audi TT Sportek was introduced in June 2014 at the time of the car show, at a time when these circles began to share sporty models of the series. Only the deck has debuted the idea of ​​the TT offroad, a nickname SUV Kup with seeing that day. The realization did not go that far, but in the coming years it will only happen. The Sportback Turb comes as today's football, while the TT Sportback Concept performs the SUV Q4, which will be celebrated in 2019.

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