Thursday , October 28 2021

Date and trailer for the open beta version of Battlefield 2042


The open beta version on PC and consoles will run from October 6 to 9.

From October 6-7, only pre-orders and EA Play subscriptions will be accepted.

Between October 8 and 9, everyone else will be able to join.

The servers will be launched on Wednesday, October 6 starting at 9 p.m.

The pre-charge will be launched on October 5: starting at 08:00 PC, starting at 09:00 console.

The official HW requirements for computer gamers are as follows:

Date and trailer to express in Batfield 2042 b2042pc open

The old consoles (PS4, X1) offer a “only” game for 64 players on the map (instead of 128).

There will be an orbital map (iconic missile launch pad) and an occupation game mode (flag conquest).

You can play for the following experts:

Date and trailer express Battlefield 2042 bspec open

  • Webster: Launching a rope with an anchor, higher mobility
  • Maria: Healing gun, CPR with full health
  • Pewter: An automatic turret that alerts enemies at the sight of the turret
  • Vikos: “Motion Detector” drone

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