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Disputes? Not a sign. My dream and I are fighting for it, Scalk


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but what? You can not hear it or the flag.

I was pleased with it. Today he does it before he drinks, he is already waiting for a soccer field on the football field, where he comes back after a two-minute break.

ilhav Krt Kopice of Zmrhalem, return to Skalka, Krej i Frdek

Nominations for Poland and Slovakia

I would never regret having received the offer from Brighton because I wanted to live in England. Maybe there's the best time to do it, I'd love you there. I really have lb.

But the main dream, the Premier League, has not yet happened.
He did not, but it will come to you. I will not put the stove here, I have not exhausted it. Even so many times in life. Progress to the first division, tricks with games regularly kick Premier Premier … Although I did not play last season, I was with them every day, I was on my way, I was on the bench, I included the FA Cup. I'll never forget it.

How do you rate the Eurozone from Euroservices in 2011?

It's been seven years since. What do you mean: did not you expect to see you at a strong rally? Do you have representation?
I do not think it was, and it was so great. Representing the super-hri and relatively recent plane was Tom Rosick and Nathan. What we had 19 Eur, that the oven can not automatically means that we will be at the moment of representation and we will hold it.

Do you? After a long period of time, you and Vladislav Kray will return, and Quebec, Callas, Cadibek, Bravats are represented by the Euro. It's as if 1992 once again took the sled.
There's a lot of starch here, not us. But I think it's in ES, so it's a football game. We acquired the experience, it could be a little street. And I'll go down, buddy and see that we're together again. We know, she knows, it's good to see again.

SMVY. In the photo: Salik (on the right) and Ladislav Krej (on the right).

It did not happen for long because you were not on the team for two years, and your career fell into the Premier League after losing to Brighton. When did you go to the bench for the first time?
There were times when the train was only two, we won the Leicester 2: 2, it was five minutes to the end … I thought you were not just a but I could send another game. But it did not happen and I just played for Jr..

Tk obdob?
Yes, because the day before the end of the grocery I hate to host it – if I saw a club. It was a long time ago, when Millul spoke to me, but he did not want to leave. I knew it was going to be tk, but I had my dream and wanted to fight it. I've been relaxing for the hardest time and I'm going to try it.

How did you bite, did not you get the space?
The arrest was tech, because I was not used to such a thing. But after two months I said, do not worry. I did it perfectly, I said it was for me. When I go to work hard, when it comes. Bohuel Kedar was so lucky, it was a long time. That's why I wanted to leave in January.

But in the end you're out of your mind again.
The treachery pleased me that I was not. He convinced me to see how I was getting better, and I'm sure I'll get it. They also locked me in the guest house, and I feel like I feel a bit like a gosh. In the end, I really have a conscience, in the pass against Middlesbrough, but now I was hurt and it was an end.


It's a Brighton-colored skull

If you were healthy, could it be different?
Taco Volume III But slowly I got into it, I was queuing at least on the bench. In front of Middlesbrough, the train was half a mile, I was a writer, I was pleased with myself … I just squeaked my ankle muscles. I went back for a few days and it was Tuck. If that does not happen, I'm probably going to get anci. I was worried about it, it was the FA Cup we played on Old Trafford with Manchester United … Bohl.

You sacrificed the city throughout the season. tvalo vs l?
This is not a correct word. The daughter was born, we sat down, we have a good time in my personal life. He was in the final stage before the game, he was out of the team, and then he started running … After the course, he played a lot of new games, I had respect, it was not so for me. But I wanted to fight.

But you did not think there would be room in Brighton. Had he gone to escape?
Not a chance. I just knew I wanted to stay in England. Milul spoke to me twice, we were in touch, almost all of us. Unnamed: I'm rd, in the end.


Skalk stood in a mullet tank, where he was shuffling from Brighton.

You know you play regularly?
Unnamed: Yeah, I will not give it to you. When I entered, I was suffocated, I did not know how to get out of it. But lovers do not have to suffer, you should see the nipple coming. Football did not give me happiness, but it was. At home it was great. It has evolved.

Unnamed: Are you happy with the new football game? Millwall is famous for its unique atmosphere and wild fans.
I have problems with them, but they are fantastic. Sure, when it comes to soup, it's not good, people cheerfully. But I do not even feel I'm afraid to be there anyway, even though our fans are not afraid. He fights souls, which is great for him, because the atmosphere is really the only one with them.

You were the best?
It compares to that. In Brighton, it was also, you're playing progress, and then for the first time in the Premier League. But it's different. specifically. They are truly blessed, fanatics, a great Randall. You just give a slide and lots of them your seats happily. It's great, it's just a bear, they actually play football.

Millwall football is a typical island style game, is not it?
that's a fact. This is probably the place where Angeline is, except for Ir, Sever, and one Scottish. Apart from Brighton, where there were a lot of foreigners to change, we often went to see you, we set out for a wedge. It's a bit different in the term, but it's also Dr. Football is really a classic England: I kick, hardness, a lot of duel.

It's OK?
He's with you. The removed balloons go straight to the railing, the train wants me to get them quickly, it suits me. Not that we would not have combined at all, but before and after the gate. In the back, it's basically no mistakes, just.

You are on the lower floor of the table, but the new representative of the Czech Republic examined the negotiations with Poland and Slovakia. Surprised by this?
I did not even order an invitation. It was quick, feverish, I had to make a card last time, but I was very tense. Unnamed: I'm rd, I ask.

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