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Day celebrations represent the party, with Sparta fans celebrating and celebrating November 25th in the 16th round.

They are dressed in special undershirts with big banging on their chest, right around their throat, and they are going to fight against Jablonec.

Currently, there are several books by Andre Kvak and the new edition of Sparta. Arnut Pazdar, the famous Tonk of the fifties and sixties of the last century, will be introduced to San.

They also celebrated 120 years since its inception, and in November 2013 the Sparta team in Mladá Boleslav began their new perspectives and won 4-1 for more than 15 days. T-shirts of the first team then won 315 Crown crowns on, and is led by AC Sparta Ferdinand.

The black shirts of the sparrows came from the pot, they were the first. In 1906, one of the founders, Mr. Patek, brought a set of red sweaters from London that Arsenal had entered at that time. Since then, they have been one of the symbols in Sparta.

In the Czech Republic, the most popular football club is FK Lou, which according to available sources was founded in April 1893. Sparta fall this year.

On November 16, 1893, the Karlovsk Vinohradi Athletic Club was established. He later changed his name to AC Sparta a few months later, which inspired warriors from his antiquated stunts.

Since then, the club has won 36 titles in the league, which is the most sovereign of all. The first was in 1912, when Sparta became prime minister prime minister time, and Slavia was next as a rival.

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Between two wolves in the world, Sparta Moon was the best in the world. Sparta has been invincible for nearly twenty years. It did not go to Europe. She traveled to America and again was the best, Archive Vclav Boreek said in an exclusive interview for MF DNES clubs.

She took the coat. In the seven houses of degrees and two victories in the prehistory of the European Red Cross, the legends of Karl Pikkha, Anton Hoiger, Yaroslav Boger, Joseph Tiuk, Joseph Silen and Aldach Ng.

He was famous in the sixties, when Andrei Quebec and Lev Mack, the most famous of the famous, joined Sparta.


After the title in 1967, it was the maximum time. It was seven years for gold to go, and in 1975 for the first time and last time Sparta dropped to a kind of league where he stayed one season, and the elite spilled.

History of Sparta

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Since 1984, Czechoslovakia, and by the end of 2001, there were a total of fifteen championship titles in Letna, or just a tricycle for the eight-minute Sparta League.

So sovereignty ended, the League of time Spartaovldla only last time, last 2013/2013. It was a season when the club celebrated a hundred and twenty …

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