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Father Mirek Etzler: War with the daughters of Laban (4 months)! They denied it


The assumption was that at least the older girls, who had married for the first time, would be excited about the brother's arrival, but on the contrary, they stopped communicating with their father. "Unfortunately, the girls do not, and we do not. I'm sorry to believe it, and I believe she'll understand it for a long time, but it's clear to me that they listen to different things from any place and feel that I'm crazy about my old knees. Instead of being a grandfather, I'm a father. But I'm really happy, God sent me an angel in the form of a son and I enjoy it"Bleicher told the actor, who had found his way to his daughters years ago, helped them, but the birth of their son was frustrating again.

Etzel There is not even a son from a second marriage with actress Zuzana Biedzowska (57). He can not forgive him for having persecuted his mother Zuzana Bydzovska years ago and went to Vilma Cibulkova (55). "He would never do it with Christine. It's my great inner pain and I do not want to talk about it. Jesus was born of great love and I hope he will be happy, "Mirek did not.

With Wilma, the actor was also married and brought her daughter, Simon, who was drug dependent for a while and treated a psychiatric hospital. After a divorce with an actress, Mirek was alone for a while to meet Helen. Their relationship was not always ideal, but Samuel's birth calmed down.

Still, he does not intend to seal their bundles at the wedding. "I'll never marry again. That was enough three times. I will not marry to regain myself within five years. I love my son and his mother, so I would, "Said Blesku the actor who plays in the Order of the Rose Garden 2 and together with Ondrej Vekya He photographs a comedy of ghosts in the mountains.

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