Saturday , April 17 2021

Four Czech runners-up advanced to the World Sprint Qualifying Championships

Four Czech cross-country skiers advanced from the sprint qualifiers to the relegation race at the World Championships in Oberstdorf. Teresa Barnova, Andrei Charney, Michal Novak and Ludek Seller reached the quarterfinals. The fastest were the Swedish Johanna Hagstrom and Nur Johannes Hosplot Clavo. Medal fights begin at 11:30 p.m.

Czech skiing and snowboarding

Like last year at Seefeld, only Barnova, who finished twenty-seven, fit in with the thirty advanced women. Katrina Genatova finished in 32nd place, Petra Hinikchova took three places and Petra Novakova took 46th place.

The gastronomic set a time of 2: 39.33 minutes on the 1.2-kilometer track and won by 2.37 seconds ahead of defending champion Norca Miken Caspersen Fla.

The men traveled three hundred yards more, Novak opened in first place and set a time of 3: 09.74 minutes, which a little later almost ten seconds improved the defender Clavo. Novak advanced from 18th place, Charney was good in four places. Scheller went into thirty from the 22nd position. Only Jan Pachos, 41st of the Czech Quartet, failed.

Clavo showed his strength in the qualifiers and won against Ben Eric Valens in 3.48 seconds. Russian Alexander Bolshonov advanced in tenth place.

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