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In the village of Ostravice in Beskydy people dajn spatili medvda

In the village of Ostravice in the Beskydy Mountains,

In the village of Ostrowice in the Baskyy Mountains the guest greeted the meat. / Illustrator image

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In the village of Ostrowice in the Baskyy Mountains the guest greeted the meat. The village warned on its web pages. According to Milan Orlk of the Association of Eastern European Prologues (SOP), it is bad at the mercy of witnesses. However, it is not enough to invite visitors in the past several times Vsetnsko. In the Skidys, according to the trail, two are medvdi, Orlek said.

"We are aware of the inhabitants of the village of Ostravice, and on 15 November 2018 around 8:00 there was a border between the village of Ostravice and the citizens civil dadan vidn meddmi to take care of their personal safety," said deputies Ostravice in the village. At first, according to the information, there was also a general radio.

The mayor of Pavlana Stankayev added that the guest of a hotel in the village of Eladan invited the guest to the forest. "We were informed by the hotel staff, even 15 photographers, so we received a notification of the message.

According to Milan Orelco of SOP, the validity of the testimonies is very important. "Under the influence of information from the city, there are people who can see anywhere in the forest, either," he said. But according to her it is forbidden that the bear from Wlaska and Scheidy Moravia-Shlesian. I, however, is inviting the species, traces of his pimples drifting. "In addition to the young man from Westnaska, who is young and probably not the right commentator, one of the hunters moves in the hills, and his tracks are a little irrelevant, he is probably Alma and a star," he said.

The young, perhaps on the twilight of the bears, are in the Velaska region, according to experts, the race is atypical, walking in a human habitation environment and shyness. In the county he killed some sheep, goats, cock and fuckers, and destroyed a few pounds, the friend and the hunters hoped to catch them in a cage they had set up in Westensk. Two governors of the Zalin district Ji Unek (KDU-SL) talked about the deputy. There was a sack, the bear caught in a trap, where he could have been in the rescue station of Tamlana, which was operating at the zoo in Heluboka Vlad Voltabo. The invitation was invited by the Zoological Garden of Belgium.


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