Wednesday , September 29 2021

Is Malachova a Superman? The Senate debates the ministers’ visit to the company

The Minister of Industry and Trade and Transport Karl Blitsch (on behalf of YES) thinks the questions are relevant, but, as he said, he has no basis for the case and did not even know about it. “At first glance it seems to me also, to a large extent, a marketing event. To be honest, it also looks a bit like a marketing event, a clever use of the fact that the opposition can speak again and condemn something. So it is in this case, marketed almost everywhere,” the deputy prime minister remarked. .

Němcová pushed to put an item on the agenda of the upper room on Wednesday evening on the basis, she said, media reports “disturbing”. She asked if Malachova is a “Superman” when she can “break in” to a company without notice. She wanted to know if this was an election event and what Stropeniki was doing during the test. The senator was also interested in the question of whether or not Malachova had violated her powers and whether Stropeniki’s case could not have been a criminal offense.

The Ministry of Labor and Welfare announced in early July that inspections by the Labor Inspectorate and Alien Police at several large industrial establishments and employment agencies, called Fair Work. Both the minister and Strofniki wrote about the company’s inspection on Tuesday in Krupka on their Facebook profiles. One of its managers then wrote about a chaotic check “without any coordination and deliberation”. “However, what I consider to be the worst is the misuse of Mrs Malachova and Mr Stroopniki for the election campaign, as evidenced by their contribution on social media,” he said.

Malachova said on Twitter on Wednesday about her presence during the test that immediately upon the start of the test the head of the test informed the company management that the minister would take part. “I’m not a secret boss,” she wrote.

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