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Jasmine Aljie fainted on the highway behind the wheel; I'm suffering from Tania, she admitted


The Harry of Patrick Verbowski Ritmus's nickname (41) has been struggling with uncomfortable spells since the beginning of the year, which arrive suddenly and without warning. It started with tingling in the hands and feet, but eventually lost consciousness!

"I suffer from tatania" Yasmin revealed her diagnosis to the Slovakian weekly in Sharm. "I found it rather silly, I went with my mother to Vienna and got a titans shock on the freeway, I went to pass out, imagine driving on the freeway and suddenly catching you, Described a frightening experience that could end tragically.

Fortunately, beauty did not crack, and her mother finally forced her to solve the problems at last. "If she was not with me, I could have taken him off." SuperStar superintendent tells him that he later abandoned driving and then on a route to Bratislava, Pezinok. Sometimes she could not walk, so the neighborhood had to support her.

Al But managed to suppress the symptoms of the disease as she began to listen to her body and began to become addicted to the necessary vitamins and maintain a steady sleep and eating regimen. She also performed in the Slovak version of the show, your face has a familiar voice in which she had to coordinate singing and dancing.

Of the employees, almost no one knew what she was doing with everything. "I did not want to talk to anyone about it because I do not like to spread panic.The only one who knew Tváee's group was the dance coach Monica, Exposed the brown-haired woman with the Bosnian roots who had the biggest problems when she turned to Britney Spears (36).

"Britney demanded from the point of view of the dance, I had a problem dancing choreographies even in sneakers, and when I went to try the heels it was not possible at all." She added to Sharm. Suddenly, she had no balance, and it did not help because she had a 40 pound snake on her neck. For this performance, she also received most of the audience from the audience, but paradoxically not so much for dancing, but for singing as Britney played. The more the book has worked with Tatania, the more admirable it will be.

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What is tetanus?

It is a syndrome of nerve stimulation in the neural muscles, which affects young people in particular. This is usually caused by a very low level of calcium and magnesium in the blood. You may feel like you can not swallow or inhale. The disease is nervous, breathing, tingling or twisting the fingers, limbs, dizziness, spins, darkness and fainting, general weakness, palpitations and cramps. These may occur until such a stage that the patient is unable to walk or drive alone.

It is impossible to know in advance when the next attack will come. This can cause persistent stress, but also depression and a state of emotional and physical stress. Irregular drinking and eating regimes also contribute to the outbreak.

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