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LIVE: Nightwish enjoyed Prague, but they were not surprised

O2 Arena, PRAGUE
19. 11. 2018

The main value, and in fact, the only added value of the new selection is remasterization of sound quality, which is especially appreciated by audiophiles, which is a significant part of metal music listeners.

And purity was in the case of the beast in black, where the front was concerned about pure, pure poetry, and also the mutter of a good boy. Fans of metal metal eighty-four reached their own and did not have enough, will receive first in January, when the second record will come out, and then in the summer, when the team looks at the Metalfest Pilsen.

FOTOREPORT: Nightwish filled the arena O2, the fiery show ruled by Princess Jansen floor fighter

The main stars of their performance for two hours went exactly according to the scenario that worked on the previous European spells. It was known that they were now in a situation where there was no room for improvisation. This is, after all, screen shots, pyrotechnics and pre-strings of strings and other tools where Nightwish must be synchronized or synchronized. And what we're talking about is a bit of a shame, because nature, human errors and unpredictable situations are often a stronger experience than a ten-minute-old in a half hour.

But in any case, fans can hardly be able to iron themselves do not get what they came. So a large group of classical hits of symphonic metal, which they could not miss Nimmo, I wish I had an angel, I want my tears back Or from a newer song today, a single established single Élan. Yansen's singing skills also excelled in a voice exhibition The song of a dead child And the conclusion Come and cover me up, The rest of the band, of course, was able to perform well, with special praise for the relentless drummer Jukka Nevalainen.

The fans' response was a huge and endless threat. Unfortunately, this applies only to the first line in the standing area. There was a beautiful view of the hall that was sold behind on two floors, the atmosphere in the audience but unfortunately the uncle stayed behind expectations. Unfortunately, there were not even people who did each other a song on a board. And although the voice of the narrator is read in the introduction, "To give at least two hours of peace from digital slavery."

And while Nightwish, with all due respect to them, did not really do anything new, what would make shooting so justified. However, it makes sense, given the opportunities that this tour has created. One could get excited by their show because it was certainly great, but the writer, unfortunately, did not do so, considering the very similar concert we could see from the Finnish Six in the Tipsport Arena. Taking into account the time-lapse program this time, we estimate slightly above average, and we are looking for the next stop. Maybe even with the new album.

Setlist: The Magic Of Belle Isle الهمج, The Forger, مذهلة الرجل العنكبوت, Madea's Witness Protection People Like Us, Take This Waltz, Magic Mike, GI Joe: Retaliation, Detropia, Beasts Of The Southern Wild, Sleeper Bikini Spring Break C'mon Man, Big Easy Express The Woman In The Fifth A Cat In Paris, The Fifth, Straddas 2, The Carpenter, Kinslayer, The Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean, Nemo, Kill The Dreamer, The Biggest Show On Earth, Love Score Ghosts

Text: Jan Trávníček, Photo: Mark Holovek

Topics: Nightwish, Jansen Floor, O2 Arena

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