Saturday , April 17 2021

Megaphone and lighthouses. Cops and police officers evacuated the Prague battery

Prague police first arrived at the battery around 9pm, using a megaphone from a car to warn entertainers of the ban on drinking in public and also of the night curfew, which they claim the violators violated at the time. So most people left.

Moments later, police officers from a special law enforcement unit arrived at the battery and checked the identities of everyone who remained on the battery, even after they were called by police. They also checked people in a nearby park at the Ministry of Health. In addition, everyone was warned to cover their airways.

“Almost every afternoon, Prague police dealt with dozens of reports of violations of government regulations, whether it was mass gatherings or open restaurants. In the evening they went to the embankment, where there were hundreds of people,” police spokeswoman Eva Krupchova told Novinka.

Police intervened in the afternoon in the area of ​​Zizkov Gardens. There, police encountered 200 entertainers who were forced to leave the area. According to a police spokesman, the police will deal with a possible violation of government regulations vis-à-vis the local snack bar operator.

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