Monday , September 26 2022

More work for Harry and Meghan will post a green investment


After Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Merkel, relinquished their royal honor and role in early 2020, they had to start looking for something to feed them from the walls of Windsor Palace. After almost two years, it turns out that getting a job is not a problem for them, on the contrary.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Harry and Megan are joining the Ethics Investment Fund, where they are set to play the role of so-called “influence partners.” This means they will be tasked with raising awareness of issues such as climate change or racial and income inequality, said Foundation founder Jay Lipman. The company does not specify how much the expected couple will pay.

Ethics rides the wave of the ESG trend. These acronyms simply make investments in companies with environmental and social responsibility. Such investments (due to the effort to reverse climate change) have become very popular, especially recently. According to GSIA estimates, up to $ 35 trillion (766 trillion kronor) is parked in ESG assets, Bloomberg warns.

The Ethics Foundation alone is about $ 1.3 billion (28.5 billion crowns). Based on customer tasks, it offers customized investments according to the performance of individual companies: do they not abuse cheap labor, how many emissions do they emit and so on.

The EU has launched a quarter of a trillion euros in green bonds. Enormous interest is expected

According to the news site Guardian, Harry and Meghan hope their involvement in ethics will encourage more young people to invest their money in responsible companies.

“We want to reshape the nature of the investment, to help solve the global challenges we all face. This is one way to implement our values,” the couple wrote in a joint statement. “Our choice of what and how we invest in energy defines us as a global community.”

In addition, Prince Harry believes in a young investment power. According to him, the new generation of investors and consumers not only takes into account how beneficial an item is for them. They are also concerned about the impact of the business on the environment in which they operate. “The younger generation is already deciding with the dollar and its pound in choosing which brand to buy.”

Mental Health, Netflix and Memories

Ethical investment is the latest in a string of job opportunities that Megan and Harry have taken advantage of in the past year. A red-haired descendant of British Queen Elizabeth II. In March, he entered the leading roles in the startup BetterUp, which provides guidance and counseling for mental health.

Attractive investments, especially young ones. They are not afraid to take risks because of higher returns

BetterUp’s launch is thriving, perhaps thanks to the Prince’s call. Last week it received an investment of $ 300 million (6.6 billion crowns), bringing it to a market value of $ 5 billion (109 billion crowns). That’s a billion dollars more than the company when Harry joined in March.

Megan and Harry were also established in the field of media production. According to reports, their contract with Netflix’s streaming service is worth $ 122 million (2.7 billion crowns). Under the contract, their mission is to create a variety of content. For example, Duchess Meghan is currently collaborating on an animated series in which a 12-year-old girl will meet influential women from history. Harry, in turn, helps produce a documentary capturing the lives of permanently wounded war veterans.

For the music streaming platform Spotify, the couple created a podcast in which celebrities talk about how they dealt with a lock during an epidemic.

Prince Harry also recently collaborated on a mental health documentary series for the Apple TV + platform. Last but not least, he writes memoirs.

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