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News at photovoltaic – the trend is battery and strain consumption


Accumulation of electricity, strain consumables, monitoring or Virtuln batteries are also available to the user. New technology significantly improves the economy of photovoltaic installation homes.


The owner of the family's homes can not make do with the salt water. With the price of falling technology – the main aggregator – there is now also the availability of electricity for self consumption. While the price of a home battery system has been around hundreds of thousands of crowns, it is still still up to a century. On the batteries, people can get a subsidy and 155 tons of crowns from a new green sporm program.

"In addition to technological development, mass spending and increased levels of environmental protection, the number of battery systems will increase, not only large-scale backlog, but also male versions of homes or businesses of men" Lian Fousek, CEO of Accu-BAT Accumulation Association.

Hybrid power and all-in-one

One of the current trends is the entry of hybrid solar energy homes with energy storage. Such electricity provides electricity to the household, which then removes power from the power supply in case the sun is not and the battery is released at the same time. Since installing solar power, I can discourage relatively technological continuity. To soldering boards it is necessary to install accumulated, their electronics charger also me. Therefore, the distribution of hybrid solar electronics at home can be "all-in-one", easy to install and all the technology needed for one easy to install. It also emerges as a pioneer of large eschers and start-ups.
Home batteries can not be very large and expensive. "According to the companies surveyed, about 95% of household consumption is up to 1 kW and only 5% of energy consumption exceeds this power. Hybrid solar electric springs are covered by distribution from the distribution, and therefore are not used as a large aggregator such as a certain island activity " Describes the uses of so-called solar power plants designed by Karl Murtinger from Ekowatt.

Virtual Battery

Suitable battery chargers are also compatible with the battery. This makes it difficult to make the electric power produced here virtual on the carrier, so the same amount of energy can be removed free of charge here. "The day when people are not home or photovoltaic systems usually have a lot more energy, not enough space to use." Thanks to the Virtuln battery, the customer uses 100 percent energy from the roof, increases power distribution and accelerates return on investment to the solar system " Lobo Vrbata from E.ON Energy, which offers this service in the market.

Power tracking and strain intake

From the economic point of view of the operation of the solar home, it is appropriate to minimize or minimize the friction of the st. In addition to the battery, they can also help with systems for use in the strain of electricity at home. In this case, an active switch, such as a water heater or air conditioning, will be used to meet the user's requirements and therefore generate electricity on solar panels. This unit can also be used in case of high and low tariff. "Our immediate maximum energy usage is very much for the economy of the home." Prozatm, however, is a system of paths with an uncertain coup. The Virtuln battery, however, employs the energy produced by solar panels to be used at any time, Describes Lubo Vrbata by E.ON. "The user also has a smart application that makes it easy and easy to see how it works and how to use it.The owner of solar electronics appreciates very much, Close Vrbata.

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