Tuesday , August 9 2022

One year has passed since Babies was brought to trial, in the case of Ken Cops, the police have four main evidence


A year after the police asked the House of Representatives to remove Andrei Babys in connection with Ken's celebration, the iROZHLAS.cz server published a review of the evidence before the police. iROZHLAS.cz refers to two basic documents – the police decision on the start of the criminal prosecution and the State Prosecutor's Office's decision regarding the complaints of 11 defendants.

The evidence chain of Andrei Babich and his colleagues according to materials counts a total of ten items. In the case of the subsidy scam to initiate criminal proceedings, it was decided in the bank's internal report and in the economy, which was prepared by the police, in particular, after the police found the evidence.

Special investigation: The writer "invented" a subsidy to the poppy nest, the police did not even hear it after a year

Special Investigation: Ken Gur. (Video: Yuri Kubik)

According to police Babiš, co-workers of the company Čapí hnído deliberately disconnected from the holding of Agrofert, while Babis himself supervised the entire operation. AFI Nesta looked like a start-up thanks to the maneuver, and the company received a subsidy from the European Union for small and medium-sized businesses valued at 50 million square feet. The company should not receive a subsidy either by the police or by the European Office for Fraud Prevention (OLAF).

"Fully aware and fully aware of the facts of the proceedings and the personal actions of the other defendants in order to obtain unauthorized, organized, managed and coordinated subsidies," the police wrote about Babis.

Babich repeatedly identifies the case as part of a campaign or a political command or a mafia. The prosecution or the investigators do not comment on the investigation.

Babich told the police that he denied his hidden role in the fraudulent subsidies. Detectives, however, the version of Babiš does not believe in the decision to open a criminal investigation. "Based on objective facts, it is not based on truth, it has been proven and unequivocally that the opposite is true, evidenced by people's testimony, e-mail correspondence, bank documentation and expert expert report," the document said.

In addition to the four main evidence against Babis, according to the server iROZHLAS.cz, the police still have a statement Babiš account, documents proving that Agropret's colleague was interested in the subsidy condition, documents proving that farm subsidies of the farm scalp were solved by an employee of Agrofertu, The holding of Agropart, the Cape Hut Association with Agrofert using DZV Nova, as well as evidence showing distorted or confused data in the grant application.

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