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Pelger: Mandatory vaccination in the fall. After evil comes new evil

In his latest prediction on the corona virus, Professor Jaroslav Fleger focuses on new drugs and vaccines. “If no other gift arrives from China, it will be normal in the coming years,” he says. According to him, in Western countries, people will have to choose – either return a lock or introduce a mandatory vaccine against Cubid.

Pelger: Mandatory vaccination in the fall.  After evil comes new evil
Image: J. Pelger Archive
title: Prof. Jaroslav Pelger

Pelger first summed up what he hit and what he did not. “I well estimated that the epidemic would subside in the summer, the infection of the virus would be reduced and even ‘better’ mutations with lower infections. I had a good idea that when children return to school, the epidemic would start again, and university students would not return to the halls at all. More venomous mutations from abroad – it may have happened sometime during the fall. I did not even get along with the fact that at the end of October the number of infected people a day would rise from 400 to 2,000 in that period – in fact it rose to 13,000. I estimated that the states would begin to close their borders during the autumn, and that we would have to take severe restrictive measures in the autumn, which we would release and aggravate intermittently under pressure from the various lobbies. I well estimated that with the onset of winter the infection and the virus will increase significantly – ‘bad’ mutations will start to spread in our country. I estimated (fortunately) that the vaccine will start in some countries as early as the end of 2020, “Pelger began in the calculation.


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He also predicted the beginning of the January wave, and that it would be worse than that of the fall. “In December I predicted well that we would be the worst in the world, not only in terms of the number of people infected, but also in terms of the number of deaths per million inhabitants (I do not count San Marino). I predicted we would have a big problem with organization and vaccination rate. Said Pelger.

“So what do we have there now? The fourth wave will end soon. With rising temperatures, the virus’ infection rate drops significantly. The number of people recently infected will drop below 2,000 a day in April and down to 1,000 in May. Preventive PCR tests in schools and societies, “As well as in the face of mass cultural, sporting and social events (hopefully) will play a major role in further decline. As a result of the initiative from below (and despite the passive opposition of the government and the Ministry of Health), such prevention tests will gradually spread and begin to return our lives quickly.”

“Vaccinating the elderly and some other people at risk will significantly reduce the mortality and morbidity associated with Covid. Less recently infected will come to the hospital and fewer will die. However, the decline in the number of patients in hospitals, especially in intensive care units, will be uncomfortably slow. For many months, we have accumulated ‘warriors’ in our hospitals – flexible people who can fight the disease for weeks and months. For this reason, journalists will wonder why more and more young students are dominating hospitals. A significant percentage of those released in the last six months will return to their homes. Our patients.Therefore he will die of macubid even at a time when we have already achieved collective immunity thanks to the vaccination of the at-risk population and the partial baptism of the at-risk population.This can occur when 50-60% of the population has been vaccinated or sick. However, these will be scandals with celebrities caught before the vaccine, as well as important passports, which will be required for trips to many countries and participation in some local events. Anything, regardless of the course and outcome of the previous discussion. “And among the first their loudest opponents will buy them – the principle is the principle, but a holiday in Greece is a holiday in Greece,” he added.

“Drugs and treatments are very likely to appear by the end of the summer, which could significantly increase patients’ chances of recovery. In addition to monoclonal viral enzyme and antibody inhibitors, it can be in the blood plasma of cobid patients, or even vaccinated people. “It is difficult for the virus to break the immunity against them through mutations. Sputnik and maybe some Chinese vaccines will start to be produced in good (and mostly standard) quality outside of Russia and China, and thus (properly) will receive European certification,” Pelger said.

“Mutations are starting to appear in well-vaccinated countries that will break down the vaccine-induced immunity. There it is easy to put out the outbreaks, but they will do more damage in countries that are vaccinated slowly with a high incidence of the virus, where they will come quickly. In countries where the detection works well (ie probably not in the Czech Republic), mutations will be distributed that will save the patient – the infected person will see fewer symptoms of the disease, but he will spread the infection for a longer period .. The summer will be a struggle against foreign mutations of the virus. “Disinfectants will try to torpedo the vaccination, detection and preventive testing process, thus prolonging the epidemic for another year / s. In this area, China will begin to dominate, which could benefit better from the epidemic than from Russia,” said a well-known expert on toxoplasmosis.

“In the fall, regular full-time teaching will begin – thanks to regular PCR tests, and stores will be open a long time ago – and probably restaurants too – thanks to important passports. By the start of winter weather, the epidemic will probably be under control. However, as the virus cools, the virus rises. Again, ‘bad’ winter mutations are beginning to spread in our country as well. Collective immunity, which was enough from the autumn area, will no longer suffice in winter – about 80% of the population will have to be immune to maintain it. In Western countries, people will have to choose – In countries with immature democracy and a high degree of distrust of state authorities and experts, they are likely to opt for ineffective and expensive closures under the cross-examination of local disinformation sites and death dealers (importers of tests, veils, etc.). “The lock-in will be easier than this year – especially due to the advanced vaccination of the population and the existence of capabilities for preventive PCR testing,” says Pelger.

“Influenza and other respiratory diseases may be a big problem next spring. Due to the fact that we did not have them here for two years as a result of the adopted measures against the drugs, the immunity of the population against these diseases decreased. After the poisoning can be expected with a very strong wave of viruses. “You will stay in our country for another year, but in more successful countries, where there will be no vaccine against the epidemic next winter, the flu can be a much worse problem than the cube. From these countries, you will get the flu. That is why I will be vaccinated against it for the first time this year.”

“Unless another gift arrives from China, it will be normal for years to come. Only our mortality and morbidity will increase compared to previous years, and our average life expectancy will also decrease. All of this is due to the impaired health of a significant percentage of Cubid’s former patients. “This year. These consequences of the regime and the unfamiliar strategy of remorse will be clear for many years to come,” Pelger concluded, adding that another forecast would be reached again in August.

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