Thursday , October 28 2021

Plakov u vslechu: Earn enough, I do not need drugs! Who put the stalemate in the bunch?


According to Slovak television Marcheza Strausszplakov was moved during the police interrogation, which lasted about fifty minutes, a different ashes of all the defendants.

I am aware of my innocence. Do you think that with what I give is the usual legal need to trade drugs? Falkov had to ask the detective during the hearing.

The Slovak influencer, who is watched by 800,000 people on Instagram, is currently in pre-trial detention in Galant. Like the other defendants, the threat of fifteen and twenty years in prison.

I hope everything will be explained as soon as possible. I just want to tell people to be careful, they run into miles, because then you can be thrown into one bag with certain people and not even have to know about it, Said Falkov accompanied by a police dog.

Palkova was arrested by the Slovak National Criminal Agency (NAKA) on Monday morning at her home. Her husband Ran Strauss and other people in other cities in Slovakia were arrested. Everyone was supposed to get into the drug business.

The National Criminal Investigation Agency has charged fifteen people with a criminal establishment and supporting a criminal group and thus the illegal production of narcotic and psychotropic drugs, poison or precursor, their brains and trafficking in them. NAKA stated in the official release.

Among the defendants was charged with the murder of Andrew V.

According to the Slovak media, among the detainees, for example, was formerly a representative in judo, Tibor C, who was supposed to be a criminal group.

Entrepreneur Miroslav Perka eventually came into the hands of Kono, only MS is an election. He, too, who, according to Marcheza TV, is linked to the betrayal of Andrei and the Slovak Kov, was caught.

Twice mother remains were recently found by an acid barrel detective. The main suspect is former director Miroslav Volk.

The gang has been active for at least 9 years

During the raid on Monday, police seized nine kilograms of dead, weapons, a marijuana plant and seven hundred thousand euros in cash.

According to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Slovak Republic, the drug gang has been forced to manufacture and sell drugs in the Bratislava and Trnava region at least since 2012.

Continue the procedural procedures so that no further information can be provided at this time, To report, it was published by the National Criminal Agency.

Information appeared in the two that Plakova and her husband Renho would be represented in the case by lawyer Martin Pohova, who had previously defended the controversial Slovak businessman Marina Konra. Pohovej is represented by veteran Skorovc gang Robert Lali named Kbel.

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