Saturday , October 23 2021

Poland – esko 0: 1, Jankto, Lewandowski decided not to hit the brunch.


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Again, the tower was glued. Again, the representation of the novice included sympathy. And in the duel of Monday's Nordic League Duel with Slovakia, it was a win.


Evaluate the Polish football player.

Active Enko was hurt, he decided, perhaps, the simplest glue in life. He made a passport for a check, ordered the backyard in Danarka, and managed to steal Stelle, but the attempt to scratch Scoropsk did not go away, but he sprang into the Anacute before lunch.

The guests had to go, they tried to play in Gdansk, they quickly returned to my space, sometimes incorporated on the ground. They both looked like a good time, it was an employee, a defense organization. The big manufacturer, who of course did not know about the tramps, defeated the houses of Lewandowski, the fire houses.

Maybe only once it was not and it could fall bad because the Polish captain dropped the huge 0: 1 glove. Frankowski drank before his tattoo. Lavendowski did it, and the balloon struck his bag between his legs. The place of the celebration was the whistling of her lungs, and she dug a trick that spoiled her joy. I have a ton of …

Good day on the other hand esk to the bank Pavlenka, only especially after the hel placement was init. With Polish efforts he had to deal with Kalish, Jelinek, Frankowski. He was safe in the centers and in Rose.

There was no need to disturb the first man from the water, and the football from a good place and one of the guests.

During the first round, World Champions of the World Championship were equal, in fact, by the fact. The monstrous promise did not make Vidra, one of the most active hours in June. After changing the sides, he made the check with his gloved head, knocked the target by Skorupski's reflex.


Look at the minutes for a moment.

At this moment, in the modern closet, they brought the fog and the atmosphere of the room, the obscure audience did not have much oil on the Collector's nature, trying to keep up with the house. Then, they were also entertained by the Mexican wave.

Esk defensva was barely knew after not recommended, the guest provoked the pressure, but resisted. Even Pavlovenko, who at the end of the second took out Lavandovsk's technical mummy from a few moments.

The representation improved statistics in 2018 in mid 2008. In the previous eight seasons, each corrected the tikrt and the 9th and 16th General missed.

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