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Schizophrenia suffers from a percentage of asthma, in other countries the prevalence is the same

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Prague – About 100 people in the Czech Republic suffer from schizophrenia. It is about 100,000 residents. The incidence of the disease is not different in other countries. Thanks to medication and treatment, most patients can manage the disease and lead the daily life. They say organizations that help people with mental illness and fight myths about mental illness. To avoid the stigma of schizophrenia, an invisible campaign, whose name refers to the number of patients, tries to contribute.

"The chances of a normal and happy life are pretty big in diagnosing schizophrenia," says a schizophrenic site where people can find information on disease, prevention, care and help.

Schizophrenia is a psychosis. The patient has split thinking, misperception of reality, and inappropriate behavior. He finds it difficult to distinguish between ideas and reality, to interpret misconceptions in the environment. He has illusions and depression, he is sensitive and aggressive. It often closes and isolates itself from others.

According to organizations that help mental patients, a person has schizophrenia, such as increased sensitivity and vulnerability. The trigger triggers the problem. More often than not, the most common is stress, the main stress is strong. Psychoweb mentions the need to travel abroad to stay in another language environment, high school or work requirements, relationship problems.In accordance with Green Doors, which helps people with mental illness to return to work, the quality of relations with relatives is important.

Schizophrenia usually occurs between the fifteenth and thirty years of the year. With the higher age the probability of the disease decreases. In men they usually appear within 25 or 28 years, in women, after twenty-five to thirty-five.

Patients use drugs – psychopharmac, for the long term. The treatment completes psychological help. "Psychotherapy and psychosocial support can help people cope with the disease by allowing them to cope with everyday concerns and find new ways to cope with the disease, thereby increasing the ability of patients to cope with the practical activities of daily life such as shopping or meeting with other people" They said 100,000 invisible.

According to the psychology of schizophrenia, one third of patients are healed. In a third, improvement occurs, although some symptoms persist or recur. The remaining third have chronic symptoms.

"One of the biggest obstacles to successful treatment and management of schizophrenia is the stigma associated with this disease, which can lead to severe discrimination that increases the difficulties of patients with schizophrenia," said the Center for Mental Health Development. Misconceptions include the fact that schizophrenia can not be treated, and no one leaves it, the patients are dangerous, unable to work, or unable to make rational decisions about their lives. According to him, apart from the development of new drugs with minimal side effects, the need for education is not only public, but also for teachers and doctors.

Schizophrenia suffers from the son of Prime Minister Andrei Babis, who is the same name. He claims that his father's colleague kept him in the Crimea, so he can not testify in the feast of Ken, which he and the Prime Minister deal with allegations of fraud subsidies. According to the Prime Minister, this is not true. That his son suffers from schizophrenia reported by Babis the eldest on Wednesday. His son, on the other hand, on the e-mail list of "News", spoke of "pseudo-demons," saying that he would have to be under "constant supervision," as the prime minister said.



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