Sunday , June 26 2022

StarDance Revealed Behind the Scenes: Huge sums, money for signature and special requirements!


Up to ten people on the floor is not cheap. "It depends on how many feathers, stones etc. are dressed in dresses etc. They are very decorated to reach about 40,000 crowns." Ahh! Choreographer Jan Under (33). The couple goes down gradually, but they show more dances. Even men's costumes are not several hundred. "Frak costs about 20 to 25,000 crowns," He added. Thus, the cost can be estimated at 400,000 per live broadcast. After moving, however, most of them end up at the bottom of the TV, where dust is so dirty.

More tens of thousands of people are charging stars and respect for dancers. Even though they had gone down ten thousand on the previous lines, but every night Richard Gantzer (51) et al. They get 40 thousand. And only when signing the contract, the team will pay them 70 thousand. To do this, dozens of other people need to feed on the backstage. Not only those who talk about the king and queen of the dance floor before the camera. To make it a great style, an army of seamstresses and masks are called into the weapon. At the exhibition grounds in Prague, everyone meets long before the live broadcast. It is not just a general, but also a dress and a makeup test.

"Everyone needs to paint for 45 minutes, so do the hair." The general is about three o'clock, so we have 3.5 hours off the first shot before the transfer, Described the catcher Powell Bauer. "Sometimes they have special requirements, but they are not significant, sometimes they want red lipstick or a big black line, on the contrary, maybe Pavla Tomicová Not like citizens. But she was comfortable dressing and dressing, so she was very modest. She loved it even though she told me she would not do it normally,"he discovered.

The situation is much harder with costumes. "Nothing goes ahead, on the contrary, we all do our costumes at any time, from week to week," he explained. "The production of one costume, including trimming, testing and decoration, takes about five days." Zuzana Starkova. "They dance without costumes on a live day, and by noon, the gentleman is in the dress, and sometimes we have to pull something at the last minute." She admitted. On Sunday the whole marathon begins. "It's being cut in the next round so we can try on Monday and Tuesday, except for couples we dress in a band or in the managers," she added.

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