Thursday , October 28 2021

The head of BIS Koudelka has won a silver medal of the Senate


Viscerchil described in his introductory speech as symbolic that the medals were given at the Feast of St. Wenceslas. “Our winners are also people who make a significant contribution to making our nation a source of pride, self-confidence and forgetting its roots,” he said. According to the Senate President, all the people granted have three qualities that unite them, namely courage, the ability to set an example and role model and the strength of character, attitudes and ideas.

Former Academy of Sciences President Helena Ilnarova spoke on the award, saying she is united in that they do their job truly, with full commitment, with respect for the people and love for the country. She also lifted the upstairs room. “The Senate is permanent insurance and insurance in our geopolitical direction,” she stressed.

Time probably will not appreciate Kodelka

Koudelka, who despite reservations about the castle, still leads a civilian counter-intelligence, was nominated for a medal of excellence by the House of Representatives this year. President Milos Zaman, who has already refused to nominate Kudalka to the rank of general six times, is unlikely to run for office.

The world-renowned architect and designer Jiřičná is registered in the Czech Republic with, among other things, a new orange in the Royal Garden of Prague Castle or in the Center of Congresses and Universities of Berlin.

Sochi was a co-founder of the Na Zábradlí Theater and Semaphore, in addition to his rich songwriting, he is a co-author of many comedies, cabaret and musicals.

Former chairman of the Academy of Sciences Helena Ilenrova, director of the humanitarian organization People in Distress, Shimon Punk, psychologist Jaroslav Sturma and the doctor and director of the Goodwill Committee – the Olga Hubble Foundation Milena Cherna also received medals.

Also awarded are astronomer and popular scientist Jerry Grieger, TV presenter Nora Friedrichova, who is dedicated to humanitarian activities, and Martha Noizilova from the Undercover Child Organization, which brings together Jews who lived in World War II in hiding.

The medal was also awarded to Catholic theologian and church historian Tomasz Patrachek, academic sculptor Peter and Woman, art historians and directors of the Art Museum at Olomouc Pavel and Andrei Zatlokal and dancer Christian Mansa.

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