Wednesday , September 29 2021

The installer set the trailer to an exclusive limit. There will only be 25 pieces, as you like?

The Polish company Keger has introduced its own modification to the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter tow truck. It plans to supply only 25 pieces to customers.

Twenty-five samples have a reason, as the editor marks the 25th birthday of the Sprinter utility model with this project. It was sold in 1995 as the successor to the legendary Mercedes TN.

When designing the special version, Keger was inspired by the world of Formula 1, so he equipped the trailer with heavy livers similar to the German carmaker’s monopolies. The name of the limited edition also refers to F1: Sprinter Petronas Edition.

The towbar is built on the most powerful Sprinter 319 CDI with six-cylinder three-liter diesel with an output of 142 kilowatts and a torque of 440 nanometers, which propels the rear wheels using a seven-speed automatic transmission. Interesting the air chassis.

The look shifted to sportiness, the sprinter got a new bumper with greater air intakes and a lollipop. The towbar stands on 18-inch aluminum wheels.

The interior has also changed, with Alcantara being particularly interesting. However, the trimmer also focused on comfort, so the car was equipped with additional noise isolation and an improved audio system.

And the price? Keger demands € 125,000 for the Sprinter Patronas edition, which is about 3.26 million crowns.

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