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The London Tate Gallery shows pictures of Lusaka, captured pilgrims and captives


Three rounds of cameraman Lusaka will be shown by the London Tate UK Gallery by May 12.

The show is praised by the Financial Times, which lists the 70-year-old Market Lusaka as a classic of press photographs, such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Walker Evans.

In the Czech Republic, native of Israel, but a living writer in Britain, he also mentions the organizing gallery "one of the main documentaries of the seventies and eighties." Some of her compositions from The Financial Times's "Paths of Review" are equivalent to art artists, peasants from the paintings of old Peter Brueghel or works by Raphael Santi.

London Tate UK presents the three thematic units of Lusaka, including her first P & M cycle, which she photographed.

Luskačová began shooting pictures while she studied sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Journalism at Charles University. "Sociology has initiated my interest in people," she said later, earning the first camera by translating packages into a post office.

"I did a twelve-hour night service with a midnight break," recalls Lusaka, who technically instructed Joseph Koudelka in the first camera operation. The second old model was photographed for decades. A few times she visited Joseph Sodak at his studio in Prague.

The subject of Lusaka's thesis was a religious pilgrimage in eastern Slovakia, and the pilgrims there were also the first to be photographed.

The author, who later studied photography at FAMU, produced her first pilgrim cycle from 1964 to 1970. At the end of 1960, she also photographed the Slovak village Šumiac. These images are also part of the current Tate UK display.

"In the summer of 1963 I went to Slovakia, and from Poprad to Persov I saw a group of people carrying a cross and singing at the time, and that was a complete revelation, especially for a student from Prague," Lusakakova explained last year to Salo Rights.

"It was the first year, when they were not afraid to go down the road, they secretly moved on the forest in previous years, where they made a cross from two branches, they walked, sang, at the edge of the forest the cross broke into the ground And after the road they came like pilgrims to the pilgrimage site, and the car dropped me on the edge of Praszow, but immediately I returned with another stop to Lebuka and spent the next three days with the pilgrims, and then I decided to capture the pilgrimage. She encountered pilgrims.

For example, in 1971 she filmed the pictures in the Prague Theater behind the gate, where he was photographed when Joseph Koudelka went abroad.

The last of the three thematic cycles currently available in the UK and UK Tate is related to the UK, where the author was moved in 1975. Circulating from 1975 to 1990, a street musician in London, Pettapiles and Portobello flea markets, strolling on the North East coast of England.

In the early years after arriving in London, Luskačová helped her get a scholarship from the British Art Council. "My first subject in London was the markets and the musicians often played with them, it was my opening meeting with London two years after I started living, my son was born and every day I was riding a fresh air balloon, and while shooting street musicians," she recalls, Cuba, "which first appeared in London in 1983.

The Victory Museum and Albert opened the photo gallery at the time, and the curator Mark Haworth suggested that the director present Lusaka's photographs.

Marketa Luskačová, as well as Libuše Jarcovjáková, this year the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic won the Photography Personality Award for 2017. Luskačová photos are now represented in the collections of the National Gallery of London or the New York Museum of Modern Art.

After the Velvet Revolution, the photographic cycles of Luskatz were exhibited by the Prague Capital Gallery or the Prague Photo House in the 1990s, and in 2001 Torst published a monograph in the Phototorst edition.

Before the four, the author had a retrospective exhibition at Leika Gallery in Prague. And last year she released her book of photographs called "Remember." London Street musicians from 1975 to 1990, which exhibited at Artinbox Gallery in Prague.

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