Saturday , April 17 2021

The new update to Xiaomi Mi Watch brings new features and bug fixes

The new update to the Xiaomi Mi Watch has finally come out. The watches that arrived in the Czech Republic a month ago also accept us, for example Amazon Alexa support or phone camera control directly from the watch.

As we have already said, the biggest news is without a doubt the presence of Amazon Alexa assistant. But she Not available in all areas And unfortunately we do not have a clock in the editorial system, so we can not verify this for you. Among other things, you can finally control the phone camera directly on the watch, or press the aperture button. In addition, Xiaomi claims that it is in version V1.2.52 Also fixes various bugs and also improves optimization.

Shiomi to wear

Shiomi Lee Watch Updates

Now the clock should wake up faster when you tap it. We also saw two new hands. The update has been released as OTA and is already available for download on Xiaomi Wear.

Did you get an update on your Xiaomi Mi Watch?

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