Thursday , October 21 2021

The pirate Bertus was in his service car. The bus hit him


Ivan Bartosz screw in Prague on Friday – he ran into his car bus service. Everything went without injury, Nova said on TV, when According to the director of the pirates, the driver was wrong to assess the accident.

The accident continued by chalking the children

The damage is expected to amount to tens of thousands of crowns. Without any injury, the passengers also escaped, to which an alternate bus arrived.

This is the second parliamentary accident in a week. Borel On Sunday in Pilsen, Milan's interior minister Milan Bantz, who, unlike Bartos, was forced to seek treatment at the hospital. "I'm taking care of the house, only the sheets have been taken," said Blask.

Bartosz after the accident reacted oddly enough – by drawing an accident to pedestrians on the road before the police arrived, Said Nova on television. With Lydia's wife, Franco Bartosova, she takes care of her daughter, Amalia.

He and his wife would celebrate three years

It was his wife mentioned by the head of the pirates in a different context – together with November 17.

"17. November is the most important holiday for the pirates, and we celebrate it as International Student Day, as well as the Day of the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy, when we mention that we have to give ourselves the freedom actively every day. However, for me, this date is also important on the most personal level: Only on 17 November did I marry my wife and good friend Lydia-Franka three years ago " A correspondent in Belsk reported.

"Why did we choose to integrate our lives on this day, perhaps because it is very important in our modern history? It has affected at least twice the development of our country and the place where we live, "Bartush wrote on Friday evening on Facebook.

"The more we stand on the human and civil rights of the other, no matter what color their skin, sex, religion or status, The more we realize that the freedom of each of us also makes everyone's freedom, This way we will live better for everyone, "said.

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