Thursday , October 6 2022

The unemployed are the few in history. Unemployment fell to 2.8% – CT24 – Czech TV


Finding an easier job, the number of short-term jobs increased

Finding a job thus becomes easier, with an average of 1.5 job vacancies per unemployed person. "The slowdown in the economy we are beginning to see is not yet reflected in the labor market." The Czech Republic does not have to worry about losing its leadership in terms of the EU's lowest unemployment rate, says Gnick.

According to the chief economist of ING Bank Jacob Sidel lack of workers motivates companies to seek alternative solutions, which is reflected in a higher proposal of shortened employment. According to CZSO, the number of workers working shorter hours in the second quarter of the year increased by 20 thousand years on the year. They are usually 65 or younger at the age of 25-29.

"Overheating in the labor market is bringing about some changes in the labor market, as shorter working hours have not been used too much in the Czech Republic." Despite this growth, the Czech Republic, according to the CZSO, continues to be still in the quarter of countries The European Union with the lowest rate of working-age people working part-time, "explains Zeidler.

According to weather conditions, the value of November may remain at a similar level, according to analysts, but with the arrival of the winter months and the end of seasonal work, it will begin to grow slightly again. And they are coming down, but still for the whole year it will reach 3.2%, a decrease of a certain percentage compared to last year.

"Next year will be a place for further reduction of unemployment, CNB expects a drop of up to 3 percent, the Treasury, at 2.8 percent, assuming that solid wage growth could propel some people to move from the gray economy to full-time employment," Seidler adds.

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