Monday , September 26 2022

Aerobot confirms that "robot cleaners" are spying on user homes


Aerobot, the maker of small home robots, said it would provide Google with some of the data its robots receive from users.

The company explains that its Roomba + robots, dedicated to cleaning floors, make user maps and store these maps in electronic memory, which helps speed up the cleaning process, but these maps were sent to Google on the Internet from time to time. These robots are connected to networks WIFI at home.

The goal of the process, according to iRobot, is to use Google data in software development that will help robots in the future perform larger and more complex tasks, and perform user-delivered voice commands to the robot using a Google voice assistant.

Some users of "Rumba" robots were alarmed by the comments, so they said the manufacturer had spyware and allowed other companies to spy on users' homes.

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