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Competition between the local units within the national campaign of … Masrawy


Governor of Aswan: Competition between the local units within the national campaign to eliminate the "V"

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Aswan – (ASA):

Maj. Gen. Ahmed Ibrahim, governor of Aswan, announced the establishment of a competition at the level of local units for cities, villages, health departments, government buildings, schools and university colleges, which will be respected in the national operation to eliminate the virus and detect irregular diseases. Which was announced by President Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi, in order to motivate them to provide all the facilities and make the necessary efforts to identify the target citizens.

This came at the governor's extended meeting on Tuesday evening, in the presence of Said Haj, then deputy governor, heads of centers and cities, service managers and executive bodies.

Major General Ahmad Ibrahim stressed the importance of increasing awareness in places of worship, media, youth centers, cultural palaces, universities, factories and NGOs to achieve the goal behind the national campaign, stressing the need to confront rumors that question campaign activities Aspects of the campaign.

Dr. Ihab Hanafi, deputy secretary of the Ministry of Health in Aswan, presented the program of the directive, which has already begun to implement the national campaign, in which many seminars were held in youth centers, palaces and cultural enterprises. Of 4,000 rural leaders to clarify the services provided during the FRC campaign and also the analysis of blood pressure and sugar and others.

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