Saturday , April 17 2021

Corona’s closure heralds “severe consequences” for Lebanese health

The continued closure comes when the vaccination process began recently, starting with vaccinating the elderly at several hospitals in Lebanon.

With each renewal of the quarantine period approaching intermittently for a year, Lebanon has witnessed a state of anxiety among supporters of the closure and opponents of the closure, because of the harsh living conditions the largest segment of the Lebanese people suffers from, so manifestations of unrest and anxiety begin to move into the street.

Faced with this situation, cases of depression and anxiety began to plague many citizens in their homes, as the situation of the Lebanese is not similar to the citizens of other countries whose governments provide financial assistance and eye to the citizen, as the stone grows. The tragedy that many seemed restless and hurt many of them with symptoms of anxiety, despair and fear.

Regarding the special conditions living in Lebanon, mental health professionals unanimously agree that the quarantine imposed on more than a billion people worldwide due to the Corona epidemic is not an easy issue and is not appreciated because it is an unusual and unprecedented measure of restricting individual liberties even in democracies.

This unusual situation, exacerbated in Lebanon because of the difficult living conditions, began to cause psychological problems for many people after failing to cope positively with these circumstances, which left its great psychological effects on people, so how can it be avoided?

Exit: Stone increases tension and excitement

Regarding these cases, the social psychology expert, Ibtisem Rahil, told Sky News Arabia, “Anxiety, stress or excitement are among the most prominent psychological effects that have unfortunately spread in such cases, and in Lebanese and other societies, always those who are more vulnerable than others. Suffering from these psychological problems because the social factor greatly affects the psyche of people who are in quarantine.

Rahil noted that “People who lose their jobs in such circumstances may be exposed to many psychological problems. The severe material difficulties society suffers from can cause severe psychological problems, the consequences of which are clearly reflected in the street, as we lose the normal life and interaction of the individual.” “While the emotional, cultural and relationship exchanges are absent, we must work on the need to use quarantine time in a positive way and use that time for matters that benefit us and our families.

She added: “The quarantine will undoubtedly leave its negative effects on social reality, and Lebanon will not be immune to it by changing many customs and changing some of them, such as social events, religious holidays, visits, marriage ceremonies, receptions, burial and death ceremonies, but on the plain “Psychologically, we are present in many cases that she suffers from a disorder, anxiety, stress and fear, which leads to an obsessive-compulsive disorder and thus to depression.”

Rahil recognizes “the concept of depression caused by stone in an emotional state, and this is manifested in the feeling of fatigue, exhaustion, despair and sorrow of the individual with loss of happiness and joy. We also began to notice on social media pages the feeling. Of blackness and depression, and so the individual leans on and feels Helpless and incompetent, and seems to lack focus and weakness. “Memory.”

The expert explains, “There are also physical symptoms that appear for depression through psychosomatic symptoms such as headaches, and this may be related to eating and sleeping disorders.”

Instructions and tips

The expert in these circumstances recommends the need to follow the instructions that help people overcome this stage, and alleviate the negative effects of quarantine, including following health instructions and policies, good time management and a healthy diet that strengthens physical immunity. With the importance of physical activity indoors or near and attention to personal hygiene and practicing useful activities such as yoga, meditation and relaxation exercises, and daily communication with family and friends, especially with the elderly, through multiple communication techniques and community service.

The expert advises leaving the Lebanese people to stay away from hearing newsletters that carry harmful news to hear about the virus and its negative consequences and the importance of getting back and getting closer to family members, while spending time listening to music, dancing and fun atmosphere, developing new life skills, attending conferences Electronic education.

She concludes that “it is necessary to consult a specialist when symptoms of depression are felt before the condition develops into disease states that may harm a person.”

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