Sunday , May 22 2022

Filgoal News Zamalek release ads for border guards


Zamalek's defense refused to allow On-Sport cameras to enter Petrosport Stadium to move the game against border guards in the league.

Zamalek announced yesterday the transfer of the game exclusively through the channel today. (See details)

It was before learned about the meeting between Zamalek and Byzantium to battle the views. (See details)

Channel officials are trying to resolve the crisis before the start of the game at 7 pm on Sunday in the 13th round of the Egyptian League.

Zamalek published the statement about the game against the border guards at Petrofort.

Zamalek Zamalek refused to enter cameras on the sport, breaking the contract of the club with the assumption.

At the same time, no announcement was made at Petrosport Stadium after the conclusion of the contract with Zamalek before he was released later.

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