Saturday , October 16 2021

For 60 days .. "Cairo Traffic" closes the bridge Marshal Tantawi

The general administration of the movement in Cairo, under the supervision of Maj. Gen. Muhammad Mansour, assistant minister for the security sector in Cairo, closed the Al-Montair Tantawi bridge in front of the movement for 60 days starting on Friday to make changes in cars.

The general administration of the movement in Cairo was informed by the military engineers department that it had been decided to close the Al-Mashir bridge opposite the movement coming from the axis of the saints towards the A-3 axis. The road should be completed along the right axis of al-Mashir al-Rabi.

The General Administration of Traffic in Cairo has the necessary traffic services to meet all expected traffic congestion to facilitate traffic in the area. The company operating the project will provide the technical aids, cones, lighting and all equipment indicating the presence of works in the area.

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