Thursday , October 28 2021

I met him alone and Astrox from me


The latest news of an urgent Egypt where you do not know that God sees, how Satan killed your heart, being a person without a hue, words accompanied by repeated tears by the family of the child rapist, the event shook the peace city east of Cairo.

The incident opened at the police station in Nahda, a letter from the MIA, accusing the 23-year-old of abusing and raping the girl, and during the interrogation the defendant was arrested and the moments were released.

The prosecution for peace launched an investigation into the rape of a nine-year-old boy in the city of peace.

The defendant "M", 21, admitted in a 9-year-old son harassment case before the prosecution service.

"I used the boy's presence alone, I was a sharp astrox and I was not an old body, and I took him to my private apartment, raped him and shattered his display until he bled," he said, adding that he was exploiting the child's presence and playing the devil with his lust and insisted on rape the child. It happened until the child suffered internal bleeding, leaving him running away.

The mother of the victim said that she separated from her husband and lived alone, and visited her family in the area of ​​the granddaughter of the grandson in the city of peace. During the visit, her nephew was taken to his apartment, abused and abused, and her child bled and screamed in pain. She was raped by her cousin, and she went to the Renaissance Department to release the necessary record, and her mother raped her.

The prosecution noted that the defendants "M" will be held for four days in custody, accused of violating the victim's proposal, and the prosecution decided to introduce the child to forensic medicine.

The peace inquiry accelerated the report of the Criminal Police on the incident of a child who was killed by a young man in the peace zone in Nahda.

The incident relates to receiving an MMA report accusing his 23-year-old neighbor, Mo, of abusing his child in his apartment.

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