Thursday , October 21 2021

«Love of the Prophet between truth and demand» .. Address Friday sermon today


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Sheikh Mohammed, secretary of the Oqf office in Alexandria, organized a prayer convoy on Friday to Muharram Beck under the title "Love of the Prophet between Truth and Prosecution," under the supervision of Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Nassar, Deputy Director of Sheikh Hassan Abdul-Butir, to give a Friday sermon called "The love of the Prophet between truth and argument."

Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Nassar, the secretary of the ministry, said that the love of the Messenger of Allah is a duty on every Muslim, and evidence proving that it is a duty both for many and the love of God and the love of his apostle in hand: {Say that your fathers and sons and brothers And your spouses and your family and the money you've made and the business are afraid of recession and housing you want to love you from God and his messenger and jihad in his way then Allah will come by His command, and Allah will not guide the corrupt people. "

Sheikh Mahmoud al-Wazif, secretary of the Waqf office in Suez, said Friday sermon deals with "the love of Allah and his transmission between the truth and the claim." The love of Allah and His messenger is a source of great faith and a high place for the sanctity of slavery. Because the love of Allah and His Messenger was imposed on every Muslim and Muslim, and said: "Those who believe more are in love with God."

The secretary of the ministry said that all imams and preachers in the mosques must adhere to the unified sermon in all mosques and were identified by the Waqf office.

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