Saturday , April 17 2021

Madbouli: A unified card system allows services to citizens

Dr. Mustafa Madbouli, Prime Minister, emphasized that the purpose of the unified ticket system is to enable the citizen to provide various services, to ensure that their support reaches those in need, and to provide temporary data to support the decision makers.
It came at the meeting yesterday to discuss the position of implementing integrated technology to serve the citizens by providing a unified card to provide these services, in the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank, the Ministers of Supply, Information Technology Communications, and officials of several government agencies.
Tareq Amer, Governor of the Central Bank of Israel, reviewed the management's position on the National Payments Council's decision to rely on a payment system with a national brand in government payments, the payment of support for the issuance forms in kind and in cash and the procedures with the relevant partners. .
He added that following the recent coordination with all the parties concerned, and in light of the discussions held during the meeting, it was agreed to use the alliance of the most important and specialized expert houses to provide technical advice for the implementation of the project for the establishment of an integrated technological system for providing services to citizens, including bread, Using a unified card according to the latest international standards.
In addition, it was decided to establish a high committee for the project headed by the Prime Minister in order to make all the strategic decisions necessary for implementation. The Governor of the Central Bank and the head of the Technical Secretariat of the National Payments Council will establish a steering committee for the project. , Which includes representatives of the ministries and bodies involved in implementing the project, and is responsible for monitoring the implementation of its agreed plan and implementation of the decisions and tasks issued by the Supreme Committee of the project, in addition to preparing periodic reports on the role of the managers.
In another context, Dabouli received a delegation from the board of the Asian Investment Bank to discuss ways to increase cooperation with Egypt, in the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank, the ministers of electricity, investment and international cooperation, irrigation, planning and follow-up and administrative reform. Director General of the Suez Canal Authority and Chairman of the Suez Canal Regional Development Authority.
The Prime Minister stressed that Egypt is adopting a comprehensive development strategy for infrastructure projects, modernization of ports, railways and roads, expansion and expansion of water and sanitation networks, the establishment of modern cities such as the new administrative capital and the new city of Alamein.
He added that the existing cooperation frameworks with the bank to finance these ambitious programs will help the government achieve these strategic goals and provide better services to citizens. He expressed his pleasure that Egypt is the first non-Asian country to visit bank officials.
He praised the decision of the Board of Directors of the Bank to grant Egypt's special status within the framework of the Bank's strategy for financing in non-regional countries, and noted the importance of the Bank's funded projects in Egypt, represented by financing a project of 11 solar plants in the village of Banban, And the second phase of the program "Sustainable sanitation services in rural areas" with funding of up to 300 million USD.
MK Shigin Shin, the bank's manager and head of the delegation, emphasized that Egypt's choice to be the first non-Asian country visited by the bank's delegation reflected the Bank's interest in its relations with Egypt, especially when Egypt is a link between Asia and Africa.
He said that the Bank's delegation had recently known the government's plans for economic, monetary and financial reforms, and described what Egypt had achieved to date with impressive results.

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